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Hanging Seasonal Decorations: Be Careful on Your Roof!

Hanging seasonal decorations is a task that’s both fun and time-consuming. It’s exciting to finally plug in your lighting design and see your home shine brightly for the holidays, but it can be exhausting to try to get all those decorations hung up.

It’s even more exhausting (and downright draining!) to find that your best efforts have resulted in roofing damage.

seasonal decorations

Thankfully, you can avoid roof problems and still get the inviting seasonal look your neighbors will envy and your children will love. What should you do?

Plan it Out

It’s important to plan your decorating design before you begin hanging lights, especially if you’ll be climbing ladders to get near your roof. Make sure you measure your roof and ensure you have enough decorations so that you don’t come up short in the middle of hanging.

Gather the Right Supplies

Make sure you’re only hanging seasonal decorations outdoors that are meant for the outdoors. Outdoor lights are weatherproof and won’t short out when they get wet.

Get in the Holiday Spirit, Safely

It’s important for your home to look beautiful for the holidays. It’s also important to protect your roof from damage. But your safety is the most important factor in the equation.

Make sure you have a sturdy ladder that you can safely anchor to the side of the house. Wear sturdy shoes as well. Try to have a partner to help you so you’re not attempting to do too much yourself. You can use a harness too to keep yourself from falling — that will give you an extra level of security.

No Nails!

Whatever you do, never nail lights or decorations to your roof or siding. Nails create holes, and holes mean leaks. Using nails will inevitably lead to water damage.

What you can use are clips that are specifically designed to keep your holiday lights securely fastened to your roof. They clip onto your gutters or shingles and don’t affect your roofing materials or interfere with your warranty.

Avoid Chimneys, Vents and Satellite Dishes

Your roofing system is important to the integrity of your home, and that’s why you need to avoid hanging decorations on chimneys, vents or satellite dishes. If one of these fixtures is damaged, it can seriously damage your shingle coverage.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

When it’s time to take down holiday lights, don’t just yank them down. Carefully remove each strand the same way you put it up: slowly and methodically.

Getting up close and personal with your roof while hanging seasonal decorations might make you realize how important it is to have a professional conduct an in-depth roofing inspection. If your roof needs some TLC this holiday season, you know who to call: the Roof Doctor.

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Should you winterize your roof this fall? You bet!

Being proactive about roof maintenance can make for a secure, warm winter in your cozy home.

Work on getting your roof ready for winter by doing a few important preventive checks.


Look for Water Stains Inside

First, check the inside of your home for water stains. If you see black mold or discolored drywall, it could indicate a water leak. Anytime you suspect there is water where it shouldn’t be, call a roofer or a plumber to quickly to stop the flow and limit the damage.

Check Insulation and Ventilation

Next, go up into your attic. It plays a key role in the health of your roof and the overall energy efficiency of your home. If it’s not well-insulated, you’ll lose heat, and if it’s not properly ventilated, moisture can build up and cause your roof to mold and rot.

Stains, leaks, mold — these are all signs there could be something wrong with either the insulation or ventilation in the attic. Call your roofer right away if you see anything amiss in your attic.

Scout Your Roof’s Exterior

Now look at your roof. In most cases, it’s too dangerous to walk on your roof, and it isn’t good for the shingles, either. But what you can do is walk around the perimeter of your home and use binoculars to look at key areas.

Check the flashing and shingle coverage, especially around chimneys, pipes and roof seams. Curling, buckling or missing shingles require immediate repair. The same goes for flashing — when it’s buckled or bent, you need repairs.

Clean Debris from Gutters and Downspouts

Clean gutters look nicer than clogged gutters, but the main reason you want clean gutters is to make sure they carry the water away from your home so it doesn’t pool around the foundation. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear before winter begins!

Talk to a Pro

Are you wondering if your roof’s condition warrants repairs or even replacement before winter weather sets in? Talk to our team at the Roof Doctor about your concerns. We offer inspections and free quotes for our Utah customers.

Roof Replacement: How to Get Ready

Roof replacement is an important job — it’s essential to the structural integrity of your house and it’s a major investment.

Homeowners who prepare carefully for their roof replacement get the most value out of the project. What should you do first when your old roof needs to be replaced?

How to Get Ready for Roof Replacement

1. Get Your Roof Inspected

You know your roof is aging, but you won’t know the full extent of its condition until you have a professional evaluation. You can have a roofer or a building inspector look at it.

Inspection is a key part of the roof replacement process, because it dictates how extensive the project should be. Do you need your roof replaced, or just repaired? Are there are any structural issues that need to be addressed?

You want to know the problems you may face before the job begins.

2. Explore Roofing Options

Just because you have asphalt shingles now doesn’t mean you can’t get something different next time. When it comes to roofing, you have options!

You may want to consider metal or tile. But besides design and material selection, think about quality too. Would you like an architectural shingle upgrade? Look at which options are within your budget to find the best choice for your home.

3. Research Area Roofers

One of the most important players in this project is your roofing company. It’s imperative that the company you choose is honest, hardworking and transparent. They should also know their stuff; they should be roofing experts!

Look at their online reviews and their social media profiles. Check out their website. Most importantly, ask questions! You should be able to trust your company of choice, and when you get straight, smart answers, that’s a good sign.

4. Get the Paperwork in Order

From building permits to roofing contracts, a roof replacement requires you to get out your pen and start signing. Make sure everything is in order before you agree to a contract. Check over terms and know your responsibilities. Do you have a copy of your contractor’s insurance policy? What about their license? Paperwork protects you.

The Roof Doctor is here to help with your Utah roof replacement. We know you need facts before you can make decisions, and that’s what we are here to provide. We’ll help you through the process, and you’ll see we’re the roofing contractor to trust when your Utah home needs a new roof!

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Avoid Bad Roofing Contractors with These Tips

Bad roofing contractors can become your worst nightmare. These shady characters can cheat you out of thousands of dollars and give legitimate industry professionals a bad reputation.

roofing contractor

How can you spot bad roofing contractors?

The next time you’re in need of roof repairs, look for the following signs that show a contractor’s true colors.

Got a Question? They Don’t Want to Hear It.

The roofer shows up and gives you their pitch. They outline what they believe is wrong with your roof and how they would fix it. When you try to ask a question, they answer vaguely. They don’t take your concerns seriously and they tell you not to worry, they’ve got it all under control.

They could be in a hurry, but still — you deserve to get all your questions answered! Bad roofing contractors don’t want to hear your questions. They might not know the answers, and that may reveal that they aren’t quite as “experienced” as they led you to believe.

Suddenly You Have Lots of Extra Problems They Offer to Fix

You can tell if you’ve stumbled across a bad roofing contractor when your otherwise solid roof (that just needs a couple of repairs) suddenly has major problems, according to them. You may not be a roofing expert, but you can tell when someone is trying to pad their bill at your expense.

If they can’t show you physical proof of a problem with your home, don’t take a roofer at their word. They may be trying to charge you to repair imaginary issues.

You Try to Get in Touch and They’re Nowhere to Be Found

When you try to contact your contractor, you reach their voicemail. You’ve tried text and email too, but you can’t seem to get in touch with them.

It’s scary when your roofing contractor suddenly disappears, especially if they’ve already collected part of their pay. Beware of any contractor that doesn’t return calls promptly — bad roofing contractors don’t prioritize client communication, but good ones do.

They Promise You Paperwork … Later

You’ve asked them for proof of their license and insurance, but they always seem to forget their copy. If you’re having a hard time finding physical proof that they are state licensed and they seem to be avoiding the issue, you may want to try a new company.

What You Should Remember

Anyone can give you a deal. Not everyone can deliver superior workmanship. Bad roofing contractors don’t care about you, but we do. Call the Roof Doctor today for reliable, quality roof repair and replacement services.