5 Reasons to Install a Skylight


A skylight is a smart investment for both your finances and your physical health. It will begin paying off right away, especially if you use an experienced roofing contractor.Skylight

Here are five good reasons to get a skylight:

Makes a Small Room Seem Larger

Skylights can be installed anywhere in the home, but they are ideal for small spaces. For example, a tiny bathroom equipped with only a small window — or no window at all — can feel cramped and suffocating. Adding a skylight instantly brightens the room and transforms its cave-like atmosphere.

Ups Buyer Interest and Home Value

Many real estate professionals report that one of the biggest turnoffs for prospective home buyers is a dark, musty interior. Your home could look gorgeous from the curb, but if it’s dark and dreary inside, it’ll be a hard sell.

Adding a skylight to common areas like the kitchen or living room can be the defining difference that sets your home apart from the others on the market. You even may be able to get a higher price of your home, potentially recouping what you put in to your skylight.

Provides Health Benefits

Of course, adding a skylight is not only worthwhile if you’re planning to sell ― it’s ideal if you plan to stay in your home for years to come as well. Increased exposure to sunlight has many advantages.

First, sunlight can combat depression by causing your brain to release serotonin, a hormone that improves mood. Exposure to natural sunlight also means your body can make more vitamin D, a key component to long-term bone health.

Sunlight also can retard mold and mildew growth, as bacteria does not thrive as well in bright, sunny atmospheres.

Reduces the Need for Artificial Light

Why pay hundreds of dollars to the electric company every month when you have a free source of light available every day ― the sun?

A skylight can help you reduce your energy bills, increasing your home’s efficiency.

However, it’s key to make sure you choose a skylight with proven energy efficiency and a contractor who understands how important insulation is to preventing heat transfer. Otherwise, the increase in your heating or cooling bill might offset your electric savings.

Adds a Ventilation Source

Many skylights don’t open, but some electric-powered options do. With just a click of a remote, you could open a window in your roof and let in some fresh air instantly. You can say goodbye to your stuffy bedroom once you have an electric skylight to help you ventilate your home.

Do you have more questions about skylights? Call the Roof Doctor today and find out how your home could become a more attractive, healthy place to live by installing a skylight.

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