5 Ways to Prepare for Reroofing Your House

Prepare for Reroofing

Reroofing your house is a major project — it takes at least one full day, maybe longer. You’ve saved your money and you’ve spent time researching local roofing contractors. You picked out the materials and you signed the paperwork. What’s left?

Prepare for Reroofing

Well for starters, make sure you take care of these five tasks:

Warn Your Neighbors

You want to be a good neighbor, right? In that case, take a stroll next door and mention the day and time your roofing contractor will be showing up. Reroofing your house doesn’t affect just you on project day.

The noise starts early in the morning and lasts until the evening. Also, if your roof is near the property line, debris may end up in your neighbor’s yard. Assure them that the noise will be temporary and the mess will be cleaned quickly. They will be grateful for the heads up.

Move Valuables Out of Your Garage and Attic

If you are having your garage reroofed too, make sure you remove all items of value. Garages normally don’t have an attic, so dust and materials can easily fall onto items in your garage. Take out the important things and cover the rest with a vinyl dropcloth.

The same rule extends to your attic. You might want to move any irreplaceable keepsakes just in case, then cover the remaining items with blankets or a sheet.

Clear Your Driveway and Patio

Reroofing your house takes many hands, and that means you need to clear your driveway so all the vehicles and workers can easily move about your property. You will have to park on the street or at a neighbor’s house while construction is in progress.

You also should move all items at least 20 feet away from the roof. This includes boats, campers, patio furniture and potted plants. Stray materials can fall and inflict damage.

Take Down Loose-Hanging Pictures

Your roofing team will be using hammers, drills and nail guns. All of these power tools emit strong vibrations that can easily knock loose-hanging pictures off of the walls. Take down any items you think are at risk of falling. Also, check bookshelves and mantles for fragile items that may fall and break and move them if necessary.

Take Pets and Small Children Out for the Day

Remember that reroofing your house involves turning your property into a construction zone. Pets easily can get hurt running around outside, and it’s definitely hazardous for children. Plan an activity outside the home, and let your roofing contractor work without fear of injuring your pets and kids.

Talk to the Roof Doctor about all the steps involved with reroofing your house and get a free estimate.

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