6 Factors That Influence Roof Replacement Costs

roof replacement costs

It’s hard to quote accurate roof replacement costs without actually looking at the roof. No two homes and no two homeowners are the same. What you need and what you want may differ, and the following six factors have a major influence on a final quote for roof replacement costs.

roof replacement costs

1. Structural Problems or Water Damage

If your roof is severely damaged, your contractor may need to conduct in-depth repairs. When major structural areas that support the roof are moldy or rotting, eradicating all the degrading material and replacing it will be a central part of the project.

You want your roof to have structural integrity — that’s a roof that will last.

2. The Pitch

The slope measurement, or the roof’s pitch, will also affect the final quote from your roofing contractor.

In general, the steeper a roof is, the higher the price. Steep roofs are more dangerous to scale, and your contractor may need additional team members and equipment to complete the project safely.

3. Home Size and Shape

The size of the home affects roof replacement costs, because you will need to purchase more materials to get the job done, and labor will take longer. Also, roofs with multiple towers and outcroppings are harder to re-roof, and they require more time and equipment that may drive the price up.

4. Desired Roofing Material

One of the central features of your re-roofing quote will be the type of material you plan on using. If you purchase premium slate, costs will be higher than traditional asphalt shingles.

5. Extent of Demolition Involved

Are there multiple roofing material layers on your home? That means demolition will be a much more involved and lengthy process. If you aren’t sure about this, your contractor can look for you. Installing new shingles over old is not recommended, and it’s a definite problem that must be addressed over the course of the roof replacement project.

6. Extra Systems to Install

Are you replacing your gutter system as well? Do you plan on having a coating or waterproof underlayment added? Would you like a new skylight? Every extra system or feature that you add will ultimately affect your total, some more than others.

Talk to the Roof Doctor about your specific roof replacement costs — we will come to your home, inspect your roof and write up a free estimate so you’re fully aware of the price before you commit.

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