Avoid Roof Replacement Scams

Roofing Scam

Replacing a roof is easily one of the most important and critical upgrades for any home. If a quality roof is installed by a reputable company and maintained on an annual basis, it is Roofing Scamcommon for roofs to last several decades (depending on the material used and in the absence of any major natural disasters).

Even a relatively small issue, such as a tiny leak, can cause major damage if not caught and fixed right away. This is why roof inspections are so important. Homeowners may not always notice a leak or other damage, especially if the results are hidden in an attic or within the walls. Most commonly, leaks occur where the roof changes elevation, such as in valleys. Any area in which different materials are connected, such as near a skylight, is a prime location for a leak.

What Homeowners Can Do

It is paramount to have a roof inspection every year, but homeowners can do some helpful maintenance themselves, such as keeping nearby trees trimmed and clearing major debris off of roofs. Keeping an eye on the gutter system is also critical, according to the founder of Angie’s List, Angie Hicks. “Gutters are probably the top of my maintenance list around the house because if you’re not taking care of your gutters properly, it can actually lead to roof damage as well as water in the basement, so be sure that you’re attending to them, cleaning them, because it can very much prevent big, costly problems,” she said.

Collect Bids

Any time roof repairs or a replacement is in order, a professional should be hired — but homeowners must do their due diligence and research companies or contractors. Hicks says, “You want an apples-to-apples estimate, so make sure you know exactly the type of material your roof is made of.”

In order to avoid being the victim of a scam, keep an eye out for red flags. One of the biggest is any door-to-door roof repair salesman, particularly if he or she pops up right after a storm. Shady companies are notorious for doing subpar work and not sticking around for follow-up concerns. Scam operators make money by:

  1. Taking your down payment and then disappearing
  2. Going door-to-door offering cheap services but not providing quality work and/or disappearing halfway through the job
  3. Hard selling and bullying homeowners into signing a contract on the spot
  4. Providing bids that conceal slew of unforeseen issues and costs

Always get testimonials and check reviews, including those on third-party sites, before choosing a roof contractor or company. The Roof Doctor is a longstanding, reliable roofing contractor in Taylorsville, Utah. Call them for all of your roof repair or replacement needs.

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