Do You Have a Roof Support Problem?

Roof Support Problem looking at roof integrity

A roof support problem is no joke — heavy loads of snow and ice combined with other types of roof damage can take a toll on your home.

Roof Support Problem

When the structure that supports the roof has any rot or decay, or when a specific incident has compromised the roof’s structural integrity, it poses a real threat to your safety and security.

How can you tell when this is an issue? Here are five key signs you should watch for:

1. Your Roof Has Been Damaged

A large tree branch fell on your home, or your area had a record snowfall. The harm may have been instant, or it may have developed slowly, over time — it doesn’t matter. When you know your roof has sustained damage and you see evidence, it points to a roof support problem.

2. You Notice Bowing and Sagging

Go outside and look at your roof’s ridge. Is it no longer straight? If it bows or sags in the middle, you might have a problem. Also, if you notice hollowed-out sections on the shingled slope, it’s time to call a professional.

3. You Have Active Leaks

Whenever there’s a leak, there’s cause for concern, but especially in the context of a potential roof support problem.

Water is a home’s primary enemy because it spreads quickly and the damage isn’t easily undone.

Periodically, go into your attic and check the condition of the roof from the inside. If you notice water dripping or running in, you have a major issue.

4. Your Doors and Windows Aren’t Working Right

If your doors and windows are becoming difficult to open or close, the roof could be shifting and causing the door and window frames to move too. On the other hand, doors and windows might start opening by themselves as well.

If you have an interior fire sprinkler system and the heads begin to move, that’s another indication. A shifting roof is a serious issue.

5. You See Interior Cracks and Hear Strange Sounds

If your ceilings have growing cracks and you hear loud popping sounds, don’t chalk it up to the home’s natural aging process. If the creaking noises are growing louder, it’s time to investigate with the help of an expert.

Get Professional Roof Repairs Immediately

This is not an issue you can save for later. You need a professional inspection right now. Until the damage done to your roof is repaired, your home is at risk, and that means the safety of your family is compromised as well.

Call the Roof Doctor today and express your concerns. We’ll send out a trained expert who can quickly identify the source of the problem and offer cost-effective, smart repair options for your roof support problem.

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