Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Repair?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Repair?


When it comes to your roof, it arguably sustains the most exposure to the elements of any parts of your home. Depending on what types of roof repair a homeowner needs, the costs could be high. Stay tuned to find out if homeowner’s insurance covers major roof repairs. 

What Homeowner’s Insurance Covers 

Homeowner’s insurance is more likely to cover significant damage resulting from a large hole in your roof or from being torn off entirely or from crashing down. Damage that isn’t quite as severe is where you might see a problem in coverage. For example, if a violent thunderstorm causes shingle damage, your insurance may see that as cosmetic damage and not cover it. However, water damage from that same storm likely would be covered, so it’s a tricky situation. 

If your roof is deteriorating due to age, and therefore, sustains wear and tear damage, most homeowner’s insurance won’t cover it. Moreover, if the roof has been neglected, that’s also a reason to deny the claim. 

Reimbursement for Roof Repair or Replacement 

Just like a car, your roof depreciates year-by-year, so unless it’s made of a material like the durability of slate, most insurance companies won’t cover an old roof. Other exclusions could be the use of particular roofing materials like recycled shake shingles or cedar or with roofs that contain more than two layers of materials. 

The first step, however, is to call your insurance provider to schedule an inspection. In the meantime, gather all the documents pertaining to your home, including a copy of your current home insurance policy, home inspection repairs, photos of the damage, and receipts for any repair work done. Also, consider taking before and after photos to document a healthy roof and a damaged one. These documents will help greatly in your reimbursement claim. 

Protecting Your Roof 

There are some tips we recommend to ensure your roof is protected from the elements and prevent damage. 

  • Perform yearly maintenance on your roof that includes identifying any loose, lost, or curled shingles, water damage, flashing issues, or obstacles. (overhanging or dead branches) 
  • Replace any damaged shingles or tiles. If an insurance inspector sees missing or otherwise shingles in poor condition, they might refuse to reimburse you for damage. 
  • If your roof is over ten years old, consider hiring a roof inspector to check for any damage that needs repairing. 
  • Remove obstacles that could damage your roof. 
  • Fix any water leakage immediately. 

Need Help? Contact The Roof Doctor 

If you need help repairing your roof, call The Roof Doctor. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns and employ licensed and certified roofing specialists that get the job done right. Contact us today for the best service possible in Salt Lake, Tooele, Ogden, Layton, Brigham City, and Bountiful. 


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