Is a Slate Roof the Right Choice for Your Home?

Is a Slate Roof the Right Choice for Your Home


If you are considering investing in a slate roof instead of the more traditional asphalt shingle option that’s common today, you must examine your decision from all angles. No matter what material you choose, a new roof is expensive.

If you are looking at replacement due to issues with your current roof and you want to improve the value of your home, slate may be right for you.

Classy, Elegant Look

A slate roof has a serious advantage over other types of roofs in the looks department. Slate is a beautiful, timeless material that adds a touch of class, taste and refinement to your property. From the random passerby to the friendly neighbor who sees your house every day, you are sure to receive many compliments, and your home’s curb appeal will skyrocket.

The elegance factor is ideal for a home with classically styled architecture, or for a home you would like to sell quickly. A slate roof catches the eye of potential buyers, and its other advantages only add to the overall positive return.

Fire Retardant

Slate is extremely fire resistant. If you live in a climate where wildfires are a real threat, you know how dangerous the combination of a windy day and dry vegetation can be. One spark and your entire roof can go up in flames.

Slate is a type of rock, so your roof is much less likely to sustain fire damage.

Limit Environmental Waste

Roofing materials are deposited in landfills in unbelievable amounts. New programs to recycle asphalt shingles are forming constantly, but aged and rotted roofing materials are still a concern for the environment, because they put off greenhouse gases that contribute to our global climate crisis.

A slate roof lasts significantly longer than a standard asphalt roof, so the shingles overflowing the landfills will not come from your house. Additionally, since slate is naturally occurring, much less energy is wasted in the production stages.

An Investment that Lasts a Lifetime

Slate roofs are known to last up to 150 years. Even though it costs more up front for both materials and labor, you may never have to replace your roof again as for as long as you live.

Talk to the Roof Doctor to find out more about whether a slate roof would fit your home’s style.


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