Roofing Repair Summer Challenges

Roofing Repair Summer Challenges


Roofing repair calls are usually reserved for disasters — when a leak is spotted, after a severe hailstorm that damages the roof, or after a home inspection when you’re prepping a property for sale and find out you have a slew of missing shingles.

In reality, these red flags, signals and symptoms of roof damage could have been easily discovered and taken care of before they became emergencies. Routine roof inspections ensure trouble is spotted early, ultimately saving you money and headaches. However, many homeowners tend to put off roof inspections and roof repairs during the lazy days of summer.

For the most part, Utah boasts gorgeous summers with minimal rainfall. You may not notice leaks or take the time to pull out your binoculars and scan the roof for missing shingles. Remember that weird sound coming from your roof during the last winter storm? Everyone gets a little laid back during summer months, but when you’re too relaxed about roof maintenance, that can lead to trouble.

Summer Damage: It’s Not Just Attacking Your Skin

Hopefully, you apply sunscreen every two hours whenever you’re in the sun. Many people are extra vigilant in the summertime. Your roof is also vulnerable to damaging UV rays, but doesn’t get that daily sunblock regimen. Some roofing materials are more resistant to heat damage, sun damage and UV damage (metal is a fantastic option), and you also can get roof coatings which can prevent damage and/or reflect UV rays away from the home. Does your roof have these features?

If not, or if it’s been a while since roof repairs were made, that daily sunshine is really doing a number on your roof. Excessive heat can lead to damaged shingles and a much hotter home. Part of a roof’s job is to insulate your home and trap that air conditioned indoor air during the summer. Without proper insulation materials and perhaps a coating, you’re basically living in a heat box and facing high utility bills.

Everyone’s Bob the Builder

Summer can bring out the handyman (or woman) in us all. You might be more likely at this time to pick up a hammer, screwdriver or shingles from your local Home Depot and try your hand at roofing. For those who have experience and confidence in small repair projects, it can be a good way to save money. However, the vast majority of the time, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Roof repairs, and even inspections, can be dangerous. You might not be battling rain, snow and sleet, but what about that wasps’ nest you didn’t notice tucked against the chimney? The reflection from some metal roofs can be blinding in the summer, and that’s not a good condition for anyone on a ladder or roof.

Instead, rely on the experts year-round for all your roofing needs. Call The Roof Doctor today to schedule an inspection or request a bid on roof repairs before autumn creeps in with showers and gutters full of leaves.


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