Top Tips for Roof Maintenance in Spring

Top Tips for Roof Maintenance in Spring

Now that winter is officially over, and spring brings with it warmer temperatures and rain instead of snow, this is the perfect time to perform roof maintenance. After a harsh winter, your roof may have taken a beating, so stay tuned to learn about some pro tips on maintaining your roof to protect from future summer storms.


Roof Maintenance

You may not think about checking your roof after winter and instead may be planning your summer barbeques and vacations. However, now is the time to put roof maintenance on your to-do list. By following these pro tips for spring roof maintenance, you can ensure your roof is protected by the spectacular summer storms coming.

Here are five top tips for spring roof maintenance.


  1. Inspect your roof, whether this means getting up on your roof and doing an initial inspection or calling a professional roofer who has the training and experience of what to look for. It’s important to check your shingles, gutters, flashing, and protrusions. If you notice open gaps or loose roof materials during your spring inspection, contact a local roofing contractor.
  2. Keep it clean in-between and after storms. Spring showers may bring flowers, but it can also bring high winds and heavy rain and hail, and even sleet for a bit longer. And since trees are starting to sprout seeds, they, along with buds and petals may fall on your roof and enter your gutter. Coupled with debris from storms and your gutters can get quickly cluttered up, so clear away any clutter, so your clutters can do their job properly.
  3. Let your home breathe with adequate ventilation. Mold, ice damming, and other serious issues with your roof can cause improper ventilation, which can result in breathing problems in your home. Have the inside of your attic, and the vents looked at to ensure your home is moving air correctly. Also, check your exhaust and intake vents for any debris, such as sticks, leaves, or seeds.
  4. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure you’re covered. Roof maintenance is great, but it can only do so much. Review your policy and make sure it covers roof and water damage. 
  5. Get a rock-solid warranty on your roof. Refamiliarize yourself with what’s covered and what’s not covered (and for how long). When you’re armed with that knowledge, you can better communicate that to professionals. 


Ready for Spring Maintenance? Call Us

If you want a professional to inspect your roof this spring properly, give The Roof Doctor a call. We can diagnose the problem and get you help right away.  

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