7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof

Do you think it might be time to replace your roof? If you notice any of these signs, you’re probably right. Paying attention and responding to these signs will protect your home from damage and resolve potential issues before they become massive problems. 

  1. Your roof is 25 years old.
    Most shingles are made from asphalt, which is only suitable for 20 to 30 years. So, if your roof is nearing the 25-year mark, it’s most likely time to replace it. This is true even if your roof looks perfectly fine.

  2. Your shingles are curling or clawing.
    If the edges of your shingles are turning upward, they’re curling. If the edges are flat, but the middle is coming up, then they’re clawing. Both kinds of damage lead to problems, particularly leaks.

  3. Your shingles are missing.
    It’s much easier to replace an entire roof than it is to replace one shingle. But it is possible if you’re ok with a patchworked roof. Because roofs only need replacing every 20 to 30 years, it’s hard to find one that matches your roof since granule colors change over time. That, and being exposed to direct sunlight, also changes the granule colors.

  4. Your shingles are cracked.
    The wind is known to crack shingles. The good thing is that you can replace a few cracked shingles. But if cracks are developing in multiple shingles in different areas of the roof, then you probably need to replace your roof.

  5. Granules are in the gutter.
    Granules are common right after getting a new roof, but it’s problematic if you find them years later. Granules protect asphalt from the sun, so your roof will get worn out very quickly.

  6. Sunlight is visible through the attic.
    If sunlight can get in, so can other elements like rain or snow. So, if you can see daylight through your attic, think about replacing your roof.

  7. The roof is sagging.
    If your roof is sagging, scheduling a replacement is absolutely essential. There’s likely a structural issue at play. Your roof isn’t going to collapse on you overnight, but it could damage your attic and your foundation. 

Roof Repair with The Roof Doctor

Are you seeing some signs that it’s time to replace your roof? The Roof Doctor repairs residential and commercial roofs from wear and tear and storm damage. We service Provo and Orem in the greater Salt Lake area. Contact us to coordinate a roof inspection with your insurer’s claims adjuster. 

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