Tips on How to Find a Roof Leak


Tips on How to Find a Roof Leak

There are a few things you never want to deal with when it comes to your roof, and a leak of any kind is definitely on this list. When this happens, identifying and locating the le ...

Importance of Attic Ventilation for Your Roof


Attic Ventilation for Your Roof

There are a few tangential areas or factors that will often play a key role in the performance of your roof, and one that’s especially important during the current Utah winte ...

Avoiding Issues With Your Roof This Winter


avoiding issues roof winter

There are a few components of your home that are vital to maintain throughout the year but especially in winter, and a great example is your roof. Responsible for protecting your h ...

Roof Anchor Tips for Holiday Decorations


roof anchor holiday decorations

While we're still a bit over a month away from major holiday festivities, many people begin considering or even putting up their home's holiday decorations during November or even ...

On Wind Interaction With Roofs and Shingles


wind interactions roof shingles

There are a few important factors to consider when it comes to your roof’s long-term condition and value, and one that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention in this re ...

Risks of Delaying a Necessary Roof Replacement


Utah Re-Roofing: Roof Replacement Company

There are a few kinds of home projects that should generally be taken care of sooner rather than later, and a great example here is a necessary replacement of a roof. If your exist ...