An Aging Roof is a Detriment

Aging Roof

Determining the age of a roof should be of paramount importance to those hunting for a new home, but sadly, this consideration is often overlooked. Surprisingly, the age of a home doesn’t Aging Roofaffect housing costs much, unless of course the property is considered an architectural gem, historic or is in some other way outstanding. More people consider location, square footage and aesthetic updates such as flooring or countertops when setting the asking price of a home; however, the quality and age of a roof are also important factors.

There is no getting around the fact that replacing a roof, even with eco-friendly materials, is very expensive. In fact, the foundation and roof of a home are often two of the costliest of elements, and they cannot be put on the back burner (like ugly carpet or chipped countertops). If a roof is not in good condition or does not have many years left, homeowners can unwittingly sign up for a much more expensive home than they bargained for.

An Immediate Need

When a roof needs to be repaired or replaced, time is of the essence. The longer a homeowner waits to take care of repairs or a total replacement, the costlier it will be — and the more dangerous. A collapsed roof or one with leaks that has led to intense mold growth is a big hazard. This is why routine repairs and maintenance are in order. However, it is also why home buyers need to prioritize roof inspections.

Before scheduling a home inspection for a potential new property purchase, ask the seller about the history of the roof. Ask when it was last replaced — if ever — what materials were used, who the contractor was and what the state of any existing warranties are. Also ask when the current owners last had an inspection, and whether the report is available.


While new kitchen cupboards may improve the value of a home, they are not as important as a healthy roof. However, bear in mind that while roof replacement can be costly, it can also drastically improve the value of a home. Choose the materials and contractor wisely, and should you decide to sell yourself, you can likely secure a higher asking price. Call the Roof Doctor for an inspection of your aging roof and to find out how to keep it in prime condition.

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