Is it Too Late to Hire a Roofing Contractor?

Is it Too Late to Hire a Roofing Contractor


Hiring a roofing contractor involves timing, and with the widely varying weather in the United States, you can never be certain when it will start snowing or hailing. Waiting until the bad weather hits to call a roofer can end up costing you extra, so now’s the time to check and see if your roof needs any attention. After all, your roofer has to take a big chance repairing a hole in the roof when there’s snow on the ground compared to doing it during a mild autumn afternoon.

The ideal time to install a new roof or get repairs is in the spring or autumn. That’s when temperatures are mildest and there’s little chance of extreme weather. A comfortable roofer works more quickly and efficiently.

Can you imagine toiling away on a roof for eight hours in the blistering Utah summer heat? How about working in freezing rain when you can’t feel your fingers? It’s in everyone’s best interest, including yours, to choose a good time frame for roofing needs.

Getting on Board

October isn’t too late for roof installation or repairs, but you’re pushing it if it’s a huge project. Utah might have a while before winter weather kicks into high gear, but if you know you want your roof repaired before next spring, don’t delay in scheduling an appointment. You can start pre-prepping now by making sure any debris around the perimeter of your home or stored items are removed. That kind of cleanup protects your belongings and ensures a safer work environment for roofers.

However, also remember that a lot of other homeowners may have the same idea. Roofing definitely has peak seasons, and your neighbors might have beat you to making that call. Don’t worry, because there probably still are enough highly skilled roofers to go around. If you absolutely need roof repair, you might be able to get priority treatment.

Spotting Problem Areas

Often, it’s in the autumn and winter that major roofing problems are caught by homeowners. In a dry summer, you might not notice leaks or holes. After that first autumn downpour, it might be obvious that there’s a hole in the roof. Acting as fast as possible can reduce the amount of work needed as well as the money you’ll have to spend. However, an even better method of preventive care is annual roof inspections.

Scheduling an inspection in the fall is the best thing you can do to make sure your roof is up for the job of keeping you protected in the winter. Plus, a thorough inspection is always much more affordable than an urgent service call. Connect with The Roof Doctor today to schedule an inspection or to get your roofing project started in time.


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