Choosing Proper Color for New Roof Shingles

choosing color new roof shingles

At The Roof Doctor, we’re your one-stop shop when it comes to roof shingles. For any of our roofing styles that involve them, including shake roof installations that lay shingles in a specialized manner to help with weather resistance, we’ll provide you with only the highest-quality shingles and the expertise to go with them.

This includes some areas that may seem simpler as well, and one such area is choosing the proper color for your shingles during a roof installation. You may think this is purely a quick aesthetic choice if you’ve never been through the process before, but in fact, choosing color can have some important ramifications on home value and other factors down the line. Here are some basic tips and areas to consider when choosing proper shingle color.

Siding and Other Current Home Colors

For starters, consider the color scheme already present in your home and how you can complement or contrast it using your new shingles. Some homeowners choose shingles that directly match the color of their home’s siding, for instance – this presents a consistent, simple theme that people will easily take in when they view your home for the first time.

There are plenty of other creative tactics you can take here, though. Some, for instance, choose to match shingle colors with smaller accents, such as window trim or door colors (some homes will color their entry door, garage door and roof shingles all the same shade). We don’t recommend choosing colors that directly clash with your siding, however, as this can distract from the focus and make your home an eyesore.

Curb Appeal Considerations

Your own personal preference is very important here, but so is keeping in mind curb appeal factors. Curb appeal is a term used in the real estate world that refers to the first visual impression people get of your home – it’s known to have an outsized impact on home value, meaning it’s important to consider. Popular shingle colors may up your home value a bit if you’re considering selling in the future, particularly when they match well with the rest of your color scheme.

Advice – Professional and Otherwise

It’s never a bad idea to ask the pros for their advice – our roofing installation experts have been at this for decades, and we’re happy to provide tips on shingle color choice. But you may also want to solicit advice from non-professional sources like your neighbors, particularly if you’ve just moved to the area recently; they can tell you if there are any HOA guidelines for shingle colors or neighborhood restrictions you should know about, preventing you from spending significant money on a color that you’ll have to change later.

For more on choosing the proper color for roof shingles, or to learn about any of our roof installation or repair services, speak to the pros at The Roof Doctor today.