What Do Insurance Companies Look For When Evaluating Roof Damage?


Unless you are a professional insurance adjuster, evaluating roof damage is a job that you should not attempt on your own. 

After hail falls or a major wind or snowstorm strikes, it is likely that your roof will sustain damage, and you will need a repair or replacement. Most homeowners are unaware of what an insurance adjuster looks for when examining a roof, but they also may not understand the adjuster’s role. They must inspect your roof to determine if covered peril damage exists and document the extent of said damage under your policy coverage. 

Keep reading to learn about the five signs of damage that adjusters most commonly look for so that you can better understand the claims process

The Complexities of Evaluating Roof Damage

Damaged Shingles: Many adjusters will check if a shingle’s functionality has been diminished to determine if it falls under covered peril damage. This can be as a result of hail (ruptured matting) or wind (missing or broken shingles). 

Damaged Gutters: If your roof’s damage is due to hail, broken gutters may indicate that the size, frequency, and directionality of the hail affected its functionality. 

Dented Vents: Your metal roof vents, also known as box or turtle vents, may have dents; this can demonstrate the size and frequency of hail for your claim. 

Signs of Leaks: The adjuster might search for signs of leaks, such as curling or buckling shingles, rusted or damaged flashing, peeling exterior paint under roof eaves, and roof rot. They may also take note of leaks on the interior ceiling that will show up as dark spots, which are usually accompanied by peeling interior paint. 

Collateral Damage: They may also examine other items from your home’s exterior, including damage to paint, HVAC units, fences, windows, screens, and personal property. 

The primary goal of a thorough inspection is to document credible signs of property damage so that you can receive the best roof repair estimate from your provider. 

The Roof Doctor Can Help

At The Roof Doctor, not only can our roofing experts repair or replace your roof, but we can also help you with the insurance claims process. Once the adjuster is finished evaluating your roof damage, we can review the Statement of Loss and take note of any items they may have missed. 

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