What Roof Water Stain Colors are Telling You

roof water stain colors

There are a few vital areas of any home that owners should be keeping an eye on and inspecting every so often, and at the top of this list is the roof. The roof is the primary line of defense against various elements and unwanted temperatures, but failure to regularly inspect and maintain it will lead to failure in important areas, discomfort within the home and often high levels of cost and hassle for repairs or replacements.

At The Roof Doctor, we’re here to help. We’ll assist you with identifying and understanding any issue you happen to spot on your roof, from major leaks or shingle damage to much smaller concerns that still impact both function and value. One such issue: Water stains that, over time, begin to change the appearance of your roof in permanent ways. There are a couple of varieties of roof water stains, generally separated by the color they create – here are some basics on each category, plus what they tell you about which of our roof repair services might be needed.

White or Yellow Stains

If you’re assessing your roof and notice the presence of white or yellow discoloration forming from moisture-related stains, it’s most likely you’re dealing with a hard water buildup. For those who don’t know, hard water refers to water that has not yet been treated and contains various quantities of mineral deposits – deposits that affect both human well-being and the efficiency of various water-related appliances.

When it comes to the roof, hard water deposits can cause major discoloration and even actual damage. This type of stain is generally found on the lower areas of the roof, often under cooling units where hard water is present.

Black or Green Stains

Black or green water stains, on the other hand, generally indicate actual living organisms that are growing on your roof. These are generally algae or moss, which are created through a combination of the moisture content present and the sunlight beating down onto the roof.

These deposits can be damaging if they grow large enough, but they’re also attractive to certain other creatures that may cause more direct damage.

Professional Assessment

In both cases listed above, power-spraying and scrubbing solutions are generally not recommended. These can actually make both issues worse and could even cause permanent damage in some cases. Some minor hard water stains can be remedied over time using a vinegar solution, which dulls them out.

In general, though, we recommend calling the professionals for this sort of thing. There’s high-level equipment and chemicals meant for this sort of thing, and you may also benefit from sealers or water-repellant shingles installed on your roof.

For more on dealing with water stains building up on your roof, or to learn about any of our roofing repair or installation services, speak to the staff at The Roof Doctor today.

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