Your New Roof Shouldn’t Fail, But Here Are 4 Reasons it Might


Your home’s new roof promises to provide decades of dependable durability, but will it?

You don’t expect your new roof to fail. In fact, you’re counting on it not to. But sadly, many homeowners experience problems not too long into the life of their new roof because of four roofing contractor mistakes.

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1. Your Contractor Layered a New Roof Over an Old Roof

It sounds plausible. Your contractor says it’s not a big deal to put a new roof over an old roof. Right? Wrong.

Layering new shingles on top of old shingles is one of the worst roofing mistakes anyone can make. Contractors who suggest this either don’t know what they’re doing or they’re trying to cut corners and save money on demolition. Either way, they’re ripping you off.

A new roof must be installed on clean, secure decking. You can’t effectively maintain or trust a shingle layer that’s nailed into an older, decaying shingle layer. If your new roof is layered on top of your old one, you’re going to have problems.

2. Flashing Wasn’t Installed Where it’s Needed

Rookie roofing contractors don’t truly understand just how important flashing is to the functionality of a home’s roof. Water can and will seep into cracks and crannies unless it’s stopped and directed elsewhere. That’s what flashing does for the seams in your roof.

A home needs flashing where each surface meets, as well as around chimneys and external vents. This keeps water flowing in the right direction: into the gutters.

Another mistake that’s just as damaging is to reuse old flashing. This is another sign your contractor may be trying to fleece you. New flashing is an important component of a watertight roofing project. Your old, rusting, bent flashing won’t do.

3. There Aren’t Enough Vents

Installing an efficient, lasting roof correctly means your contractor has to go inside the attic. They should test the humidity levels, examine airflow patterns and inspect your attic insulation. If there aren’t enough vents (and perhaps that’s what contributed to the breakdown of your old roof), they need to install them.

Lack of proper ventilation means moisture will be trapped in your attic. This leads to bacteria and mold growth and the premature breakdown of the roofing materials.

4. The Shingles Weren’t Nailed Correctly

Too often, a shoddy shingle-nailing job ruins roofing before its time. If the nail gun compressor pressure is turned up too high, it can tear and ruin the shingles. If the nails are driven at a sharp angle, it can tear the fiberglass mat. If the nails are driven in too high on the shingle, it can easily fly off in a strong wind.

Proper nailing will prevent leaks and keep the shingles functioning as they should.

You can trust the Roof Doctor for professional installation of a new roof that’s free of problems. Contact us today for a free quote.

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