4 Benefits of Hiring a GAF Roofing Contractor

4 Benefits of Hiring a GAF Roofing Contractor

You may have heard about GAF roofing contractors. Judging by the looks of the roofs of friends and neighbors who have used these contractors, you know it’s not a marketing tactic — there is something to this GAF business. But what exactly can you expect from a GAF roofing contractor that isn’t guaranteed elsewhere?

4 Benefits of Hiring a GAF Roofing Contractor

Below are the top four reasons your home and wallet will thank you for a GAF roof.

1. Get the Highest-Quality Roofing Materials Possible

GAF is the premier roofing material manufacturer in North America. They make the best-quality roofing systems in the industry, no holds barred. But there’s a major catch: You need to have a qualified contractor, one that is GAF-approved, handle the installation. If you don’t, no GAF roof for you!

This manufacturer knows that installation quality is one of the keys to how long a roof lasts. If it’s not done properly, the materials won’t live up to their potential, and that would reflect on them as the manufacturer. So they make sure only GAF-certified contractors are allowed to install their systems.

By hiring a GAF roofing contractor, you’re providing your home with the best roof that money can buy.

2. Get the Longest Roofing Warranty Possible

GAF roofing material quality is backed by their impressive warranty. Get up to 50-year coverage on your new roof and rest assured that any defects will be taken care of by the manufacturer and the installation contractor since GAF warranties cover workmanship errors as well.

If a new roof is needed to rectify any workmanship or manufacturer defects, GAF will cover the costs of tear-off and disposal too.

3. Hire with Confidence — Your Contractor Is Thoroughly Vetted

Due to GAF’s stringent requirements, only the top 3 percent of contractors nationwide qualify for GAF-certified status. GAF examines Better Business Bureau ratings and requires a certain number of years in business and a proven reputation in the community.

If a company has a legitimate GAF certification, you can trust they’ve been vetted well.

4. Get Peace of Mind — You’re Protected from Liability

Another key component to attaining this certification is the level of protection you have as the homeowner. They require all their contractors to carry $1 million in general liability coverage, in addition to a comprehensive workers’ compensation policy. This means if something happens to a worker or your property while your roof is being replaced, the contractor’s policy will likely cover it.

Look no further — call the Roof Doctor, your local Utah GAF roofing contractor. We’re proud of our Master Elite status and we’re even prouder that we’ve earned it, one solid roofing job at a time. Now it’s your home’s turn!

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