Why Improper Attic Insulation Is Bad for Your Roof and Your Home 

Why Improper Attic Insulation Is Bad for Your Roof and Your Home 

Attic insulation should never be an afterthought. But for roofing contractors without a wide breadth of experience and longevity in the industry, it could be, to the detriment of your new roof and your entire home.

Why Improper Attic Insulation Is Bad for Your Roof and Your Home 

When installing a roof, it’s important to make sure the material used is top-notch, and that extends to what’s beneath the shingles, all the way down to the attic insulation. However, with attic insulation, it’s not just about the quality of the material, but the accuracy of the installation as well.

If your attic insulation was placed incorrectly, meaning it wasn’t installed in the right spots, or there is too much or too little, your roof and your home could suffer from the oversight.

It Means Discomfort and Wear and Tear on Your HVAC

Bad attic insulation can mean disaster for your heating and cooling system, but not a disaster that happens in an instant like a blizzard or fire. It takes place over the long term in the form of increased wear and tear, more out-of-pocket repair costs and ultimately, the early failing of both systems.

When your HVAC has to run all the time to keep your home at your desired temperature, it wears out faster. And when you don’t have the right amount of insulation in the right places, this is exactly what it’s forced to do.

Not only will you constantly be looking for a blanket to warm you up or turning on a fan to help keep you cool, you’ll have the discomfort of paying too many HVAC repair bills too.

It Means Higher Energy Bills

No one wants to pay more than they have to for their heating and cooling costs, but with inadequate attic insulation, that’s probably what you’ll do. When your air conditioner is working twice as hard in the summer and your furnace is working twice as hard in the winter, your bills will reflect that!

It Means Ice Dams and Roof Damage

Ice dams form when snow melts and runs down to your roof’s edges in winter, refreezing into icicles. This indicates that the roof is warmer near the top, but not near the edges. Ice dams can cause water damage to the roof, so while icicles may make your home look like a Christmas card, the underlying cause must be fixed right away. It could be due to improper attic insulation. You may need to add more insulation on the attic floor, and more vents as well.

It Means Mold Growth

If attic insulation is blocking vents, it means there isn’t enough airflow to facilitate moisture evaporation. This can lead to mold growth, which, over time, can contribute to health problems and cause decay in the roof’s structure.

What Does Your Attic Look Like?

Schedule a free consultation with the Roof Doctor to assess the condition of your attic insulation. We can help you determine if more is needed, or if it must be adjusted to prevent problems with your roof or home.

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