A Roof Warranty Claim Can Save Your Roof and Your Budget!

Roof Warranty Claim

Filing a roof warranty claim when you have clear evidence of a breakdown on the part of the manufacturer or contractor is an involved process, but it’s worth it. You may be partially or fully reimbursed for any necessary roof repairs, and that’s a break for your budget.

Roof Warranty Claim

But for your claim to be upheld, you have to make sure the facts and the paperwork support your assertion. Finding the answers to the following questions can guide you through the process.

Are You the Original Homeowner?

“Original homeowner” is a bit misleading, but this is what the roofing contractor or manufacturing company will ask you. Original homeowner simply means, “Are you the person who owned the house when the roof in question was first installed?”

If the answer is yes, you have nothing to worry about — you can continue with your warranty claim unimpeded.

But if the roof was installed before you bought the property, you have to make sure the warranty was transferred to you correctly. In some cases, warranties are void as soon as the original homeowner is out of the picture, so read the fine print on any documentation you have to avoid this pitfall.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Have?

When it comes to roof warranties, there are two main kinds. The first is the manufacturer’s warranty, and it covers defects in the roofing materials. Nearly every roofing material supplier offers this type of warranty, but it’s hard to get a claim paid. Why?

Because proper roofing material function largely depends on how it was installed. If the manufacturer can prove the defect was due to poor workmanship, it is free of blame.

This leads to the second type of roof warranty: the workmanship warranty. Most reputable contractors offer a guarantee on their work, but it comes with a caveat.

If you hire any other contractor to carry out any roofing repairs, their workmanship warranty is void. They can claim that the other contractor interfered with their original installation, freeing them of any liability.

Do You Have Proof of Regular Roof Maintenance?

If you’re filing a manufacturer’s roof warranty claim, the company will require you to prove that you kept your roof in good condition. The same goes for a workmanship roof warranty claim on the installation, but you’ll have to prove any issues were addressed by the original contractor and no one else.

Keep careful documentation of all photo evidence and repair records — you will need this information to file successfully.

What Can a Roofing Warranty Do?

Warranties are important, but they won’t solve all of your problems. If the interior of your home was damaged as a result of the roofing issues, neither the manufacturer nor the contractor is likely to pay for this portion of the costs.

Stay positive about your claim, but also stay realistic and stick to the facts when filing your documents with either party.

You can trust the Roof Doctor team to give you advice and guidance throughout the claims process. You also can avoid the trouble altogether and let seasoned professionals install your next roof the right way, with exceptional materials. Call the Roof Doctor today to get the assistance you need to file a roof warranty claim.

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