Are Roof Warranties Necessary?

Roof Warranty

What’s so important about a roof warranty?

Think about it. You get a warranty with a new car. You get a warranty with a television. You get a warranty with a computer. All of those items will most likely expire long before your roof, which is supposed to last over 25 years.

Roof Warranty

Now do you see why a roof warranty is so vital to your financial security?

Also, your roof is one of the most expensive improvement projects you will ever undertake for your home, barring any major renovations. You probably will have to plan and save for years to replace your roof — don’t let cheap materials or shoddy work sabotage your investment.

You could end up having to pay thousands in repairs to your roof and other areas of your home if you don’t have a roof warranty to back you up.

Manufacturing Defects

First, make sure your roof warranty covers all defects that could show up over time in the shingles, underlayment, flashing or any other roofing system components. If you select a reliable contractor from the start, they will direct you toward materials that can stand the test of time, but even the best manufacturers receive damaged goods at some point.

Read the fine print: Not all warranties cover all parts of your new roof. For instance, some warranties might cover only the shingles, while some will cover the flashing, but for a reduced period of time. Know the facts so you aren’t surprised when it comes time for a repair.

Workmanship Errors

Top-notch warranties offered by reputable roofing contractors will include coverage of all workmanship. If your roof develops leaks due to improper installation, you will be able to recoup your losses and have all damages taken care of under a comprehensive workmanship warranty.

Again, it’s important to find out the extent of this portion of the warranty and to make sure you’re working with a reliable company with a reputation of standing behind their work.

What’s Your Role?

A roof warranty is a contract, and you will be required to abide by your obligations too in order to get the coverage you deserve and want.

For instance, many warranties require you to notify either the manufacturer or the roofing contractor in writing of any problems within a certain time frame. If you neglect to do so, you could lose your right to coverage.

If you sell your home, you may be required to notify either the manufacturer or the original roofing contractor of the change in ownership, or else the new owner will be denied warranty coverage.

Make sure you know everything there is to know about your roof warranty — you’ll sleep easier at night knowing potential roofing issues are easily fixable and paid for, and call the Roof Doctor for immediate service and repair.

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