Avoid Bad Roofing Contractors with These Tips

Avoid Bad Roofing Contractors with These Tips

Bad roofing contractors can become your worst nightmare. These shady characters can cheat you out of thousands of dollars and give legitimate industry professionals a bad reputation.

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How can you spot bad roofing contractors?

The next time you’re in need of roof repairs, look for the following signs that show a contractor’s true colors.

Got a Question? They Don’t Want to Hear It.

The roofer shows up and gives you their pitch. They outline what they believe is wrong with your roof and how they would fix it. When you try to ask a question, they answer vaguely. They don’t take your concerns seriously and they tell you not to worry, they’ve got it all under control.

They could be in a hurry, but still — you deserve to get all your questions answered! Bad roofing contractors don’t want to hear your questions. They might not know the answers, and that may reveal that they aren’t quite as “experienced” as they led you to believe.

Suddenly You Have Lots of Extra Problems They Offer to Fix

You can tell if you’ve stumbled across a bad roofing contractor when your otherwise solid roof (that just needs a couple of repairs) suddenly has major problems, according to them. You may not be a roofing expert, but you can tell when someone is trying to pad their bill at your expense.

If they can’t show you physical proof of a problem with your home, don’t take a roofer at their word. They may be trying to charge you to repair imaginary issues.

You Try to Get in Touch and They’re Nowhere to Be Found

When you try to contact your contractor, you reach their voicemail. You’ve tried text and email too, but you can’t seem to get in touch with them.

It’s scary when your roofing contractor suddenly disappears, especially if they’ve already collected part of their pay. Beware of any contractor that doesn’t return calls promptly — bad roofing contractors don’t prioritize client communication, but good ones do.

They Promise You Paperwork … Later

You’ve asked them for proof of their license and insurance, but they always seem to forget their copy. If you’re having a hard time finding physical proof that they are state licensed and they seem to be avoiding the issue, you may want to try a new company.

What You Should Remember

Anyone can give you a deal. Not everyone can deliver superior workmanship. Bad roofing contractors don’t care about you, but we do. Call the Roof Doctor today for reliable, quality roof repair and replacement services.

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