Be Safe When Hanging Holiday Lights on Your Roof

holiday-lights house decked out with christmas lights

If you’re planning to hang holiday lights from your roof this year, make sure you prepare properly for this potentially dangerous job.


Whenever you have to go up on a ladder, you must take precautions. Hanging holiday lights could be a danger not just to you, but to your home as well.

Recognize the Danger to Yourself

Proceed with caution. Before you start, make sure you have the right tools, such as a sturdy ladder and durable shoes that will grip the rungs. Untangle all the light strands and gather the heavy-duty extension cords you’ll need.

Work with a partner. Make sure he or she can feed you the light string and hold the ladder steady as you work. Never lean too far to one side — climb down and move the ladder instead to minimize the risk of falling.

Never Puncture Your Roof

Never use a hammer and nails to hang holiday lights. Putting holes in your roof is not the right method. Not only will this void your roof warranty, it will give moisture an opportunity to seep inside.

The best way to hang holiday lights is on hooks that clip onto your gutters. You can find these at various hardware stores.

Stay Aware of Fire Hazards

Make sure that you plug light strands into a grounded outdoor outlet. Don’t overload the breaker — this can create a serious fire hazard. In addition, keep lights away from power lines or flammable decorating materials.

The Take-Down Process Is Just as Important

Once the holidays are over, it’s tempting to save time and simply rip down the strands of lights you so carefully hung only weeks before. Avoid this urge. Hastily detaching all the lights could cause roof damage.

The holiday season is expensive enough without roof repairs. Follow the same procedure as you did during setup, carefully detaching each clip with a partner to help.

Consider Hiring a Professional

You won’t be alone if you hire a professional to hang holiday lights instead of tackling it on your own. It’s a big job, especially if your home is two or more stories. If you’re not confident being high up on a ladder or your home has some eaves that are difficult to reach, you can contact the Roof Doctor to take care of this project for you.

This will save you more time you can spend shopping, wrapping and relaxing, and your home will look beautiful when it’s complete. Call today for a free quote.

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