DIY Roof Replacement? Not a Good Idea

DIY Roof Replacement - trust a professional

You may have thought about DIY roof replacement, if you’re the sort who’s always looking for ways to save a buck. Maybe you’ve also always wanted to become more hands-on with your home maintenance, and you think putting on a new roof would be fun! What could possibly go wrong?

DIY Roof Replacement

A DIY roof replacement is a bad idea because it’s dangerous, it’s costly and it ends up wasting your time and resources.

It’s a Dangerous Undertaking

According to a study by the Center for Construction Research and Training Data Center, 6,591 people — one-third — of all construction industry fatalities from 1992 to 2009 were the result of a fall. Nearly 2,200 of those were falls from roofs.

Roofing industry workers — professionals who have undergone safety training — are three times more likely to die from a work-related injury than other types of construction workers.

Imagine how much more dangerous it would be for you if you have no prior roofing experience and no safety training? Falling is a real threat to your life, and replacing your roof on your own doesn’t offer enough benefits for it to be worth the risk.

You Don’t Have the Right Tools

You need so many tools to install a roof correctly, tools that you probably don’t have in your arsenal. You need an air compressor, a nail gun, a shingle cutter, a circular saw and much more. If you don’t already have these tools and you’re not planning to start a roofing business, it’s not worth the cost to buy them for one project.

You Probably Won’t Save Money

That brings up another issue: money. Most people who explore a DIY roof replacement do so because they want to save some cash. But sadly, that is usually not the case when the dust settles on a DIY roof replacement attempt.

If you’ve never re-roofed a home before, you probably don’t know how much material you need. Overspending on materials is common. There’s nothing more discouraging than seeing your money go to waste simply because you’re inexperienced in the industry.

Also, unlike a roof you’d pay for from a reputable manufacturer and installation contractor, you will not have any warranty to fall back on. If you install the roofing materials incorrectly, you’re the one who has to fix it.

It Takes Time to Get It Right

No one is born with inherent knowledge about how to roof a home. It is a skill that is learned over time with the proper training. As an amateur roofer, it will take you much longer than you think to complete the project.

There’s a reason a roofing contractor shows up with a crew. You need lots of power and muscle to get the job done in a time-efficient manner.

Forget about a DIY roof replacement; instead, call the Roof Doctor for a free quote today.

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