Common Reasons for Roof Repairs

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Roof RepairYou need repairs for your leaking roof, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent the leaks from the start? It may be possible, and homeowners can take measures to be better prepared the next time around. However, if you have a leaky roof, or even suspect one, you need to take action immediately. Water damage can be serious, from causing dangerous black mold to ruining the structural integrity of the house (not just the roof). Particularly in states/regions with a lot of rain or snow, roofs spring leaks for a number of reasons. Was your leak preventable?

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common causes of a leaky roof is simply age. Most roofing materials will deteriorate over time, particularly if they’re not well maintained. Thank temperature fluctuations, weather and exposure for materials cracking, getting brittle or even melting over the seasons. Make sure you maintain an annual roof inspection schedule to catch problems early.

Here are a few more reasons your roof might be leaking and what to do about it:

1. Debris: If you let twigs, pine needles, leaves and other debris build up, they can hold water on the roof which will eventually seep into the home. It’s paramount to keep roofs and gutters clean and clear. You can also trim nearby trees to minimize debris in the first place.

2. Excess Moisture: Some higher roof gutters are designed to drain onto a lower part of the roof, which can cause over-saturation — and ultimately leaks. An easy fix is to extend your downspout so water is directed to the ground.

3. Flashing: With metal roofs, the flashing seals transitions in the roof. If flashing isn’t properly installed or maintained, water can seep underneath and into the roof. Make sure your roofer also checks the caulking for cracks and the nails for security during annual inspections.

4. Gutter Backup: A clogged gutter can slow or even stop water flow from the roof. You might want to pick up a gutter cover or simply commit to checking gutters at least once per month. Anything from a bird’s nest to a neighbor kid’s fallen kite could be to blame.

5. Holes: Maybe you had a television antenna removed, or perhaps a woodpecker took a particular liking to your roof. Holes are, obviously, a cause of leaks, but sometimes the cause of the holes takes homeowners by surprise. These should be spotted easily during an inspection.

6. Missing shingles: If you’re missing shingles, you have an exposed roof. You may be able to spot these MIA shingles using binoculars from the ground, and some homeowners feel safe enough to climb a ladder and check out the roof from that perch. However, it’s always best to rely on a roofing contractor to make sure shingles are all there and secure.

Contact The Roof Doctor today for any needed repairs or to ensure your roof is in good condition and leak-free.

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