Even Slate Roofs Need Repair Sometimes

Slate Roof Repair

Slate roofs may last for over 100 years, but repairs might still be necessary from time to time to keep your stone tile roof fit and functioning throughout its lifetime.

Slate Roof Repair

Installing a slate roof might give you peace of mind, knowing you’ve made an investment that protects the inside of your home and raises its value, but it’s important to stay aware of your roof’s condition so you can call an expert for repairs when needed.

Tiles Are Missing

Just like asphalt shingles, slate tiles can detach from the roof deck due to high winds and heavy precipitation. Perhaps only a portion of the tile has fallen off, but this still leaves part of the underlying roof deck exposed.

Missing tiles must be replaced as soon as possible by an experienced contractor. This is not a project to take on yourself. You could damage the remaining tiles or injure yourself by falling off the roof.

Moisture Is Coming Through

Periodically check your attic and look for signs of leaking and moisture penetration. If the slate is soft or brittle, rain and melting snow will be absorbed and begin to affect the underlayment, eventually leading to mold and rot in the attic.

While this problem might only be limited to one area of the roof, it could be a sign that repairs may not be enough to solve the issue — you could need an entire roof replacement at this point.

Flashing Is Old

A slate roof is made of more than slate. It also has metal flashing installed around all openings in the roof’s surface, as well as where the valleys meet. It might be made of copper, tin or steel, but it is not as durable as stone. Flashing is a slate roof’s weakest link.

The flashing might begin to buckle and bend, affecting the overlaying tiles and allowing leaks around a chimney or at the edge of the overhang. Make sure the flashing is inspected on a regular basis before it has the chance to affect vital parts of the roof.

Gutters Are Degrading

As with modern asphalt-shingled roofs, the drainage system is key to getting slate roofs to last their expected lifetime. If the gutters begin to pull away from the house, it is extremely important to address the issue before it compounds, leaving water damage in its wake.

Tile Damage

If you hire a less-than-competent roofing contractor with no history of repairing slate roofs, your tiles could suffer even more damage. Walking on tiles directly can cause them to crack and crumble, which aggravates the existing damage.

Hiring an expert team can ensure your roof gets the professional attention it needs, and no further harm is done.

Call and make an appointment with the Roof Doctor to get an inspection of your home, and find out whether your slate roof repairs should be scheduled sooner rather than later.

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