If You Have a Leaky Roof, Will Your Insurance Pay?

If You Have a Leaky Roof, Will Your Insurance Pay


Do you have a leaking roof that desperately need repairs? In some cases, you may be able to look to your insurance company for financial help, but most of the time you’re on your own.

Homeowner’s insurance has specific guidelines on what is considered covered, and the list varies with each individual policy. Before you call your insurance company, find a copy of your policy and sort out the facts.

What Caused the Leak?

The primary way of determining if roof repairs are covered under your insurance is by tracing the damage to the initial cause. If it was due to a vandal, a fire or any other act of God, such as a tree falling on your home due to a hurricane or tornado, the policy will most likely pay for the repair or reimburse you after the fact. If you can prove the accident was unavoidable, the insurance company will have no choice but to subsidize the cost.

What About Weather Damage?

Weather disasters are one issue, but some types of roof damage resulting from wind, rain or hail may not be completely covered. Most policies take into account the age of the home when determining how much responsibility they have over the repair cost. If the roof is new, they may cover the entire bill, but if it’s over 10 years old and the company determines a lack of maintenance contributed to the damage, they may cover only a portion of the cost or nothing at all.

What to Expect from an Insurance Inspector

To make their final decision, the insurance company will send an inspector to your property to examine the damage and estimate the cost of the repairs. Be sure to make the attic available for inspection and provide any installation or repair documentation you have for your home’s roof to assist them in making an accurate assessment.

Maintain Your Roof Throughout the Years

Whether or not you can expect to get reimbursed for leaking roof repairs, it is wise to keep your roof in top condition through regular maintenance and quickly solve any problems that arise, no matter the cause.

If you have a professional roof contractor inspect and repair your roof, keep copies of the work receipts. If you hire a company to handle gutter and downspout cleaning, keep those receipts as well. If you have an instance in which you need insurance money to fix a damaged section of your roof, you can prove you have held up your end and done your best to maintain a protective, safe roof throughout the years.

Work with a professional roofing contractor that will not only provide high-quality service, but also can help you file insurance paperwork and guide you through the process. Contact the Roof Doctor for immediate repairs to your leaking roof to minimize collateral damage to your home.


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