Common Roof Installation Mistakes: Is Your Home at Risk?

Common Roof Installation Mistakes Is Your Home at Risk


Installing a roof is a major project, one that should not be undertaken by anyone other than a licensed, experienced professional. Even then, less-than-honest contractors can take shortcuts that can shorten the expected life span of your new roof, or they could make honest mistakes that end up causing damage.

Discuss the process with your contractor and make sure the following steps are not overlooked.

Neglecting to Tear Off the Old Roof

It is never a wise decision to install a new layer of shingles over the old, for multiple reasons. First, covering up the old layer makes it impossible to tell if moisture is penetrating the exterior. A complete tear-off is recommended before installing a new roof because it allows the contractor to visually inspect the roof deck and repair any problematic areas.

Second, putting shingles on top of shingles is difficult. Contractors must hammer the nails deeper in order for the shingles to connect firmly to the bottom layer. If they are not secured properly, they are more likely to blow off in a strong wind or storm.

It is also more likely that moisture will penetrate the surface and begin to cause issues inside the attic and the home. Only work with a professional contractor who knows the value of a complete tear-off of the old roof before investing your money in a brand-new roof.

Forgetting to Apply for a Roofing Permit

Amateur and dishonest contractors may either forget or neglect to apply for a roofing permit with the local building office. Since a new roof counts as a home improvement project, most municipalities require the work to be permitted and inspected post-installation.

If homeowners do not comply, they can face fines. If the work does not pass inspection, the contractor may have to spend time making adjustments and repairs — an additional strain on your budget.

Improper Nailing and Shingle Layering

Part of the reason you should never try to replace a roof on your own is because of the skill and knowledge involved in carrying out the job correctly. There is a right way and a wrong way to nail down shingles, and it’s possible to use too many nails, too few nails or place the nail too high or too low. Professionals with a good reputation will use the proper number of nails per shingle and attach them on the nail line, cutting down on the risk for future shingle loss and roof leaks.

Also, it’s possible to use the incorrect number of shingle layers. When calculating how many shingles should be used, contractors take into account how weather patterns affect the roof, the roof’s slope and the climate. Too many shingles is a waste of money, and too few can result in water damage and premature wear.

Avoid these common roofing installation mistakes and hire a team of professionals with the know-how to deliver a fine, high-quality roof for your home: Call the Roof Doctor today.


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