Replacing the Roof? Replace Your Gutters Too!

Replacing the Roof? Replace Your Gutters Too!

When you’re replacing the roof on your home, you’re probably conscious that it’s a big investment in your property. If you don’t have a solid roofing system, your home is susceptible to a host of problems, from leaks to mold. The main threat to a roof — and your entire home — is water. That’s why you need an effective drainage system to support your investment!

Replacing the Roof? Replace Your Gutters Too!

Why Are You Replacing the Roof?

Think about all the reasons you’re replacing the roof. Near the top of the list is probably age. Once a roof gets beyond 20 years, any major repairs are a waste of money, because they are only delaying the inevitable: a roof replacement. Chances are, if you’ve had the same roof for 20 years and your gutters just as long, they’re probably looking their age as well, and maybe functioning worse.

Besides age, the top reason homeowners opt for a roofing replacement is drastic storm damage. If a tree fell on your home or the wind ripped off a large section of shingling and flashing, it might be a better use of your funds to replace the entire structure.

How did the storm affect your gutters? If they’re damaged too, it’s best to replace them at the same time.

Two Birds, One Stone

Why call a contractor twice for a project that can be done all at once? Pay less in labor when you have your gutters replaced at the same time as your roof.

Gutter Problems: Corrected!

Another reason to get gutters replaced simultaneously is because bad design could have led to early degradation of your roof. This is an issue you’ll want to fix.

Gutter size should be determined by the slope of the roof. Gutter materials should be dictated by weather and projected wear and tear. If your previous gutters weren’t fitted based on the size of your home and the environment, they probably didn’t help your roof last as long as it could have.

Trust the Roof Doctor

At the Roof Doctor, we believe functioning gutters are an essential component to a comprehensive roofing system. If your water drainage system doesn’t work, your roof doesn’t work.

We are more than willing to replace your gutters when replacing the roof on your home, if we deem this step necessary. Get in touch with us today — we can make specific suggestions for your roof and give you a free quote.

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