7 Signs of a Weak Roof and What to Do About Them


If you have a weak roof, there is no time to waste — you need roof repairs. It’s surprising how quickly roof damage can overtake an entire structure, especially a part of your home that’s specifically built for durability. Immediate intervention is necessary; otherwise, your roof is at risk of collapse.

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There are seven clear signs of a weak roof that we encourage homeowners to watch for and track, then call us to schedule a consultation.

Your Ceilings Are Sagging

The sole purpose of your roof is to keep water out of your home. If your ceilings are sagging, it’s clearly not working.

If you notice bowing or dipping in your ceilings, push up on the area with a broom to see if it’s moisture-filled. If there is an active roof leak, this qualifies as a roofing emergency — call us right away.

You Have Attic Leaks

Maybe your ceiling isn’t yet sagging, but you’ve seen water leaking in your attic. It’s just a matter of time until it saturates the insulation and makes its way downward. This is another indication you need a roof repair or replacement, and you need it fast.

Windows and Doors Are Hard to Close or Open

One of the less obvious weak roof signs is the performance of your windows and doors. Are they hard to open or close? If you’re beginning to notice this problem throughout your home, it’s an indication that your roof’s structure could be weakening.

The Ridge Line Is Bowed

If you look at your home from the outside, does the ridgeline appear bent in the middle? Any bowing that’s evident from the ground is not good news. It points to structural instability, which is a major safety risk.

Your Chimney Is Cracked

Your chimney depends on your roof’s stability to maintain its own. If there is shifting and weakening in the roof, cracks might show up in the masonry. If your chimney is cracked, crumbling and broken, you need to have the issue addressed immediately! If it’s related to your roof’s condition, both need fixing right away.

Creaking or Popping Sounds

Do you hear unusual and loud creaking, cracking or popping? This is another sign the roof may be unstable and it’s affecting the structure of the entire home.

Excessive Roof Wear

There are many different roof wear indications, and when coupled with any of the other symptoms on this list, it’s a serious situation for a homeowner. Algae growth; missing, curling or cracking shingles; missing or rusted flashing — all of these are signs of problems.

Roof wear and tear is usually repairable, but a weak roof should probably be replaced. You will know for sure once you schedule a consultation with the Roof Doctor. Call now if any of these signs sound familiar.

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