Risks Roofers Take

Risks Roofers Take


Roofers take a lot of risks in their daily grind. Much like a rodeo cowboy or a repair person who climbs telephone poles, roofing is a dangerous job that requires years of training to perfect. However, many homeowners still have the urge to go the DIY route — sometimes with disastrous results.

Particularly in Utah where the weather can be extreme, it’s critical to hire a professional roofer for everything from inspections to extensive repairs or re-roofing. Few roofing tasks are safe for the untrained person to do. Even climbing a ladder to the roof can pose big risks.

If you want to keep an eye on the health of your roof between inspections, do so from a safe distance. Residential roofs almost always have a slope, and you can tell a lot with a pair of binoculars while standing on solid ground. Check for missing shingles or damage every month, and especially after a severe storm or heavy winds. However, even if everything looks on the up and up, it’s important to stick with biannual inspections from a professional.

The Heavy Lifting

Roofers, if given a choice, prefer to do their job in dry, temperate weather — spring or autumn is ideal. However, if necessary, sometimes roofers brave rain, blazing sun and surprise hailstorms to keep you and your family comfortable and safe. Roofers are trained to know exactly where to step on a roof to avoid the danger zones. They’re adept at handling ladders, even in fierce winds. They have the latest tools on hand and know the most recent best practices to provide you with exceptional roofing services. There’s a good chance the average homeowner doesn’t have superior roofing tools on hand, even if they are knowledgeable enough to take care of a repair.

Repairs are risky enough for roofers, but re-roofing is an entirely different challenge. It requires immense strength and careful planning. Some roofing materials, such as metal, are heavier than others. Some homes are designed with steep pitches, which makes installing a new roof even more difficult. However, the combination of tools, experience and knowledge means your reputable roofing team can safely and quickly get the job done.

Liable to Take Care of Business

Homeowners need to ensure the roofers they hire are licensed and carry the proper insurance. Should roofers get hurt on your property, they should have their own insurance so you’re not held liable. Going without insurance for a roofer isn’t just illegal, but also puts all the risk on you. Ask for copies of certifications, licenses and insurance before signing any contracts. Serious accidents are rare, especially for quality roofers, but they can happen and you need to protect yourself.

Let the pros take the risks, as they’re equipped to do so. Contact The Roof Doctor for a customer-oriented team of roofers who knows the Utah area and has what it takes to do the job right.


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