Roof Flashing DIY Repair

Roof Flashing DIY Repair


Roof leakage can occur for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is from damage to the roof’s flashing, (thin material that’s usually made from galvanized steel and protects roof edges, valleys) and the junctions between roofing and obstructions, including chimneys, dormer, and vent pipes. So what happens when roof flashing fails? Continue reading to learn about roof flashing repair and some DIY tips.

Tips for Roof Flashing Repair

Small flashing repairs can be done by the homeowner typically. Small holes or corroded spots in flashing is an easy repair job and is done by plugging pinholes with roofing cement. Patch holes with a patch from the same material as the flashing up to about a ¾ inch in diameter. Take a wire brush or sandpaper and roughen the area around the hole and then clean it. Affix a patch that’s been cut larger than the hole with roofing cement. Cover the patch with more cement.

Here are a few other ways to repair roof flashing.

Renew flashing seals 

You can chip out the old mortar and caulking along the flashing edges using a masonry caulk to seal the joints between the flashing and the chimney. Take a urethane-based roofing cement or silicone caulking compound and seal the seam between the cap and step flashing. If working with valley flashing, lift the surrounding shingles’ edges and spread the cement on the flashing. Do this about six inches in from the shingle’s edges. When resealing drip edging, seal beneath the shingles and not the drip edge along the eaves.

Replace flashing around the vent pipe

First, remove the shingles that cover the flange at the sides and back. Pry and lift the flashing and then pull or cut off any nails. Take a new vent-pipe flashing and position it over the vent and push it down into place. Nail where shingles cover it. Last, replace the shingles, and cover the nails heads with roofing cement.

About DIY Repair

Although DIY repair can save money and allows homeowners to control when they accomplish it, a professional roofing company has the necessary training, experience, and tools to do it right. Working on a roof can be dangerous, so it’s vital to ensure safety is paramount above all else. If you’re not entirely confident in repairing your roof flashing, it’s best to contact a professional who can handle it. 

Call The Roof Doctor for Assistance

Choosing a reputable roofing company like The Roof Doctor for your roofing repairs assures you that the work being done is of the highest quality and standards. We’ve been doing business for the Salt Lake City area and beyond for the last decade and take pride in our service. Contact us today for a FREE roofing estimate.

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