Telltale Warnings Your Roof Could Collapse

warnings roof collapse

Winter is quickly approaching, and for homeowners in Utah, that means it’s time to consider a few roofing repair areas. You want your home fully protected from the elements headed into what could be a snowy winter.

At The Roof Doctor, we can help with all areas of roofing repair, including snow removal for several home areas, including the roof, if needed during the winter. This speaks to one concern that some homeowners may have if their roof is older or wearing down: A roof collapse. In this blog, we’ll go over how to tell if your roof might be at risk of collapsing, plus what you can do along with our pros to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

warnings roof collapse

Snow and Roof Collapses

The single most common reason for roofs collapsing is the weight of snow that builds up on them during the winter. Regardless of roofing type, enough weight can be enough to strain the roof and even collapse it in some cases. A single cubic foot of dry snow weighs between six and eight pounds – apply that to the entire square area of your roof, and you realize that it deals with huge amounts of weight when lots of snow has built up. In addition, packed snow or ice can weigh even more than this.

Warning Signs

For starters, know that if you have certain roof formats, you’ll generally be at higher or lower risk for a roof collapse. Flat or low-sloped roofs have the highest risk, due to the fact that they allow snow and other moisture to build up more easily. Roofs with a steeper grade, however, will retain less moisture and are at a lower risk.

In addition, there are several other potential signs that might indicate your roof is at risk of collapsing. Here are a few to be aware of:

  • Significant leaks that repeat often

  • Sagging areas noticeable on the interior ceiling, or on exterior shingles

  • Ripples, bends and other visible deformities in roof structure or framing elements

  • Cracks in exterior masonry of the home

  • Upper-level indoor fire sprinkler heads that have been pushed down and appear below ceiling tiles

  • Doors or windows that suddenly are tough to open or may pop open by themselves

  • Bent or otherwise altered utility pipes or conduits at visible points in the ceiling

If you notice any of these issues taking place, contact our Roof Doctor experts right away so we can help you avoid a major incident.

Prevention Tips

In addition, there are several things you can do to prevent the risks of a collapsing roof in the first place:

  • Keep all drains and gutters completely clean and free of blockages so moisture can naturally flow away from the roof.

  • Remove excessive snow from the roof – our pros can help here.

  • Remove various forms of debris from the roof, as well as mold or algae, which can hold moisture.

  • If you discover even minor roof problems that don’t cause a full collapse, have them repaired promptly to avoid worsening damage.

For more on recognizing the signs of a roof collapse risk and avoiding this issue, or to learn about any of our residential or commercial roofing contractors, speak to the staff at The Roof Doctor today.

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