Why Fall is Best For Roofing Repairs

fall best roofing repairs

The fall period is an important one for homeowners across Utah in several areas, and roofs are one of them. As the first line of defense for your home or business against the winter cold and snow that are on their way over the next several months, autumn is a time to ensure everything is in working order when it comes to the roof.

At The Roof Doctor, we’re here to offer comprehensive roof repair and roof inspections this fall to help keep your roof functioning well. There are actually several reasons why this time of year is the best one for making the yearly repairs and tweaks your roof needs – here are some of the reasons why, including a couple you may not have considered.

fall best roofing repairs

Winter Preparation

As we mentioned above, the primary reason for roof repairs during the fall is to prepare for the upcoming winter. This is the harshest season for roofs across Utah, as they might be forced to deal with everything from colder temperatures to heavy snow and even hail at times.

If the roof is already damaged in small ways, this can expose it to much more danger during the winter if these areas aren’t addressed in advance. Missing shingles during the end of summer might not cause any issues whatsoever; these same missing shingles during the winter could lead to major leaks, which in some cases can even trickle down to mold or mildew issues. And once you get into winter, these repairs are tougher to make and often costlier.

Ideal Material Temperatures

Another great reason for making these repairs in fall, rather than earlier in the summer: The temperature. Summer is a bit too hot to be ideal for many basic roof repairs or installations, particularly for asphalt and related materials – these are best worked on in temperatures ranging between 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for the fall period. In some cases, this can make labor cheaper for these projects, and cut down on overall work time in the process.

Utility Bill

Having a roofer look at your home during the fall period can also have a major impact on your utility bill – not just for that month, but for the entire winter and even into the following spring and summer. Damaged roofs simply will not function as well when it comes to insulation and trapping air; they’re prone to leaks that allow air to escape very easily. What makes up for this air escaping? That’s right, extra work from your furnace, which in turn will cost you more come bill time each month. A roof that’s well-prepared and sealed properly will save energy and money at the same time.

For more on why the fall is the best period to repair your roof, or to learn about what our residential and commercial roofing contractors can do for you, speak to the pros at The Roof Doctor today.

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