Should You Install a Skylight?

should you install a skylight

Debating on whether to install a skylight can be never-ending if you start reading the countless arguments for and against this roofing upgrade (or downgrade, the alternate opinion). If you’re replacing your roof and considering working a skylight into the redesign or you want to add one to an existing roof, make sure you’re fully informed on both sides of the debate before you make your choice.

should you install a skylight

The Pros

The biggest benefit when you install a skylight is the increase in natural light. If you’ve ever cringed at the thought of another long Utah winter spent in your dark kitchen or living room, the thought of a window in the ceiling is extremely attractive.

Think about how this makes your home appeal to a prospective buyer as well. If you like the thought of more natural light, they will as well, which increases resale value.

The Cons

The cons list is longer than the pros, but they aren’t cons that can’t be overcome.

First, there is an increased risk of moisture and leaking when you introduce a window into the roof. Second, you’ll also experience a level of heat loss which could be made worse if the installation was shoddy or the window is of low-quality glass.

Finally, while solar heat gain is wonderful in winter, it can be a negative in the summertime, as sunlight will heat up your interiors much faster with a skylight.

A Skylight Is for You If:

You are unhappy in your home without more natural light in your living spaces. For those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), getting an adequate level of UV-rays is essential to good physical, emotional and mental health throughout the winter seasons.

In this case, installing a skylight could be a life-changing improvement.

Avoid a Skylight If:

The benefits of increased natural light aren’t enough to outweigh the potential energy-loss drawbacks. Also, if your home and the surrounding landscape is such that the level of natural light increase won’t be sufficient to satisfy your need, don’t make the change.

Regardless, You Need a Quality Roof

If there’s one topic a skylight installation debate always calls attention to, it’s the quality of your roof. Leaks are a concern for all roofs, especially those with a skylight. It’s important to always schedule regular maintenance and ensure the contractor you choose for a roof installation, with or without a skylight, can be trusted.

At the Roof Doctor, we help you install a skylight or just install a roof, and we make sure we do it right. Interested in a quote? Get in touch today for your free consultation.

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