Signs of a Roof Collapse: Prepare for the Next Storm

Roof Collapse

Your roof is vulnerable to collapse, especially if you live in an area with heavy winter precipitation.

Roof Collapse

Your roof is your home’s main defense against damaging winter weather, so you don’t want to have to lie awake at night worrying about whether it will hold up. Knowing the signs of an impending collapse can help you prevent this disaster and keep your home and loved ones safe.

Look Inside Your Attic

When you have severe leaking in your roof deck, the moisture has a chance to seep into the beams and support system, leading to mold and rot, and compromising the structural integrity of your entire roof.

Throughout the wintry season, periodically check your attic and look for leaks, sagging beams and any cracks in the wood that supports your roof. Call a roofing contractor immediately if you notice any issues.

Stay Aware of Changes Inside Your Home

Sometimes the first signs of roof damage appear in your regular living spaces. All of a sudden, a door or window won’t close smoothly, or pops back open when you try to close it. You might hear loud popping or creaking noises throughout the day and night. If you have a sprinkler system, you might begin to notice that the spray heads have dropped lower than their normal positions.

If you see crumbling drywall, hear cracking noises or detect any of the above conditions, call a roofing contractor to make an assessment so you don’t later regret ignoring these warning signs.

Examine Your Roof from the Ground

Walk around the perimeter of your home and look for sagging in the roof deck. An uneven surface might indicate that certain areas are under extreme pressure and beginning to buckle. Anytime you can spot an abnormality from ground level, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs: Take Action

When you have heavy snow on your roof, removing it should be your main objective. You can hire a professional team to take care of this, or you can buy a snow rake from your local hardware store. Always scrape off the snow in small sections starting from the edge, going layer by layer so you don’t damage the shingles.

Never climb on your roof, especially when it’s covered in snow and ice or you fear it may collapse. Also never pile snow next to drainage systems like your downspouts. Otherwise, you risk the formation of ice dams, which further threaten the safety of your roof.

Contact the Roof Doctor for instant help and advice if you fear your home is at risk of a roof collapse — you’ll get fast, efficient service from a team of diligent professionals.

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