Free Roofing Estimates: What Should Be Included?

Free Roofing Estimate


Getting free estimates from several roofing contractors is a must before you decide which company should do the job for you. When you get multiple estimates, you can compare them side by side and easily discern the advantages of working with one company over another.

All roofing estimates are not the same. Make sure any quote you get contains all of the important information, so you don’t have any surprises.

Projected Time Frame

All roofers should be able to tell you precisely when they can begin work. They also should have assessed your roof’s condition accurately enough to know exactly how long the project will take. This is helpful to know, especially if you’re trying to make sure the replacement is completed before a certain date.

Itemized Labor and Materials

You should know the cost of all materials used in a re-roofing, including flashing, shingles, underlayment and decking. In some cases, roofers may assume that the roof deck is in good condition, but if water damage is discovered, tearing out all the plywood and replacing it with new material adds significantly to the price of both labor and materials.

Make sure the estimate you receive lists prices for all repairs, that way you will already know the “worst-case scenario” price, and you won’t have to worry about costs added at the last minute as the project progresses.

Warranty Information

You should know whether the materials you are paying for will be a good value. That is, you should get all the details on the warranty for the entire roofing system. You also should find out if the roofing contractor offers a workmanship warranty, and if so, what restrictions apply.

Obtaining Permits

If you ever receive a free roofing estimate that does not contain the cost of pulling permits for the project, you are not dealing with an experienced roofer. All cities and towns require roofers to abide by building code regulations, and the cost for all permits should be factored into your final estimate.

Cost of Cleanup

No free roofing estimate is complete if it doesn’t include the cost of a dumpster and fees to haul away the old roofing material. You also should make sure you work with a contractor who has a history of cleaning up the workspace after the project is complete. You don’t want stray nails or debris left behind.

Terms of Payment

Make sure the free roofing estimate spells out when the first deposit is due and when the final balance should be paid. You also should know whether the contractor accepts major credit cards, cash, checks or money orders.

You can depend on the Roof Doctor to provide you with a detailed, itemized quote when you contact our team. Your free roofing estimate will be delivered quickly, so you can make a timely, informed decision about your re-roofing project.

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