4 Reasons To Hire An Experienced Slate Roofing Contractor

4 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Slate Roofing Contractor


Finding the slate roofing contractor that’s right for your project is critical. Installing a slate roof could be the most expensive, important renovation you will ever complete on your property.

Slate has many benefits: It’s attractive, it lasts for centuries and it’s low maintenance. But if you hire an amateur to do the tile work, you might not be happy with the result. The final product may not be aesthetically pleasing, it won’t have the same longevity and you may be calling another contractor to make repairs on a regular basis.

Who you choose as your slate roofing contractor can make or break your slate roof project. Here are four reasons experience should be the deciding factor:

They Know What’s at Stake

You don’t have to tell an experienced slate roofing contractor how much you have invested in this project — they know. They understand that precision and delicate handling are key to correctly installing expensive slate roof tile without incident.

They also know how precarious a slate roof installation can be, especially on a steeply sloped roof. They are covered by liability insurance so you never have to worry about injuries or damage adding costs to your total.

They’re Trained — And They Make Sure Their Employees Are Too

Slate tile installation is not as straightforward as asphalt shingle installation. In order to achieve manufacturer certification, such as the TruSlate certification offered by GAF, professionals have to prove their knowledge through written tests and real-world work.

Once they have achieved this certification, they make sure every crew member is trained in exactly the same fashion. You won’t find any novice subcontractors on their team. They know knowledge and skill lead to a successful slate roof installation, and they make sure everyone they employ has the training needed to be an asset rather than a liability.

They Can Explain What They Do

Experienced slate roofing contractors are masters of their trade. They can tell you about the differences among types of slate tile. They can explain every entry on the estimate they submit. They will walk you through the process, explaining how they will tackle each step. This proves you can fully trust their expertise, without a doubt.

They Have a Real-Life Resume

The best test of any contractors, but especially those dealing with slate, is their resume. They should be able to give you names, phone numbers and addresses of past satisfied customers. You can call their references, and you should, but you can also drive by and see their handiwork.

The Roof Doctor employs only experienced workers. Call us today for a free estimate and rest assured you’ll be getting a GAF-certified slate roofing contractor with all of the above qualifications and more.


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