What Can Membrane Roofing Do for You?

What Can Membrane Roofing Do for You?


Membrane roofing is installed on flat roofs to keep moisture out and maintain the building’s integrity. While it’s commonly found on the flat roofs of commercial buildings, it’s becoming more and more popular for residential applications.

If you’re considering a flat roof in your home design plans, membrane roofing can help keep you safe and dry, preserving your modern architectural creation for decades to come.

Membrane roofing provides five main benefits, and they are the top reasons Utah homeowners are beginning to consider these systems valid options for their new constructions.

It’s Lightweight, but Strong

Membrane material is extremely lightweight, especially when compared to the weight of an asphalt roof. This allows for more flexibility in the home’s design, and less waste of space that would otherwise be taken up with the slanted slopes of a supportive attic.

Don’t let the lack of weight fool you — membrane roofing is still extremely durable. Certain products have a puncture resistance of over 380 pounds per square inch.

It’s Waterproof

A membrane provides a valuable benefit necessary for every roof: It’s completely waterproof.

The membrane is installed in strips across the top of the flat roof. Each seam is welded together, creating an impenetrable surface. As long as the membrane is installed by a skilled contractor who makes sure to calculate a proper drainage slope, and as long as the property owner schedules regular maintenance checks, then rain, snow or ice will never damage the internal structure.

It’s Easy to Install

Membrane roofing requires less material, and the labor isn’t as intensive as a traditional roofing project. Your new roof will be installed faster, and you’ll pay less for labor because the project is less of a threat to your roofer’s safety.

It’s Energy-Efficient

Membranes reflect heat, reducing the burden on your HVAC system in the summer. A cool roof is one of the top ways you can reduce energy bills, which can save money and extend the life of your heating and cooling system. It’s your top energy-efficient roofing option.

It’s Fire and Wind Resistant

Membranes are produced with fire resistance in mind. They do not ignite quickly and they are able to self-extinguish, especially with an added fire barrier coating. Since they lie flat on the building’s roof, they aren’t susceptible to wind damage either.

Should You Design with a Membrane in Mind?

Don’t overlook the amazing benefits of a flat membrane roofing system when you’re considering your new home’s design. They’re easier to inspect, cheaper to build and they last for decades, about the same length of time as pitched roofs. Contact the Roof Doctor for more information on GAF membrane roofing, and get a free quote today.

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