You Need a New Porch Roof

Why You Need a New Porch Roof


No, your porch roof doesn’t keep you warm and dry at night, but it’s still important to your home’s structural integrity. And whether you’re entering or exiting, it sure is nice of your porch roof to protect you from precipitation!

A porch roof needs just as much care and attention as the rest of the roof. That is to say, you need to keep it well-maintained, fixing problems as soon as you notice them. And when it’s time to replace your porch roof, invest in quality workmanship and long-lasting materials.

Lack of Flashing Can Pose a Problem

One of the primary issues that may plague your porch roof is inadequate flashing. There should be flashing where the roof meets the side of your home. If there isn’t any, or if some is missing, warped or damaged, water can seep underneath your porch’s shingles. This can lead to leaks, rot and destruction of your porch, if it’s allowed to continue unchecked.

Gutter Issues Wreak Havoc

Another type of porch leak can be traced back to your home’s gutters. If the gutters above the porch are cracked, bent or overflowing, it could drain onto your porch roof. A continuous precipitation flow on any roof isn’t good, especially if there aren’t any gutters installed on the porch’s roof. That means all that water can seep into the porch roof’s eaves.

Rot Can Spread

Once rot starts, it’s difficult to stop. When the wood beams that support your porch are soaked and rotting, it starts to spread to the columns and the rest of the porch’s structure. This compromises the porch’s safety and makes it a dangerous place to stand. Further, the porch will start to sag and seriously detract from your home’s curb appeal.

A Spot Remedy May Not Be the Answer

You can make minor repairs as they come up, and you should. But if you notice a spreading rot problem, it makes more sense to replace the roof. Don’t pay for a temporary fix that’s only going to require more attention.

Is Your Whole House Ready for a Roof Replacement?

Has one specific issue led to the decline of your porch’s roof? Then you may only need porch roof replacement, nothing else. But if your porch and rest of your home’s roof is over 15 to 20 years old, it may be time to replace all of it at once. It makes sense to combine both projects into one because you can easily keep track of the age of both roofs, and the shingle color will match exactly.

When you notice porch roof problems, call the Roof Doctor. We are the Utah roofing company you can depend on for a fast roofing quote and efficient roof repair or replacement.




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