How Can You Tell Where A Roof Leak Is Coming From?

How Can You Tell Where A Roof Leak Is Coming From


You’ve discovered a roof leak. Well, you know there’s water coming into your home, but you can’t find the source.

Recognizing you have a roof leak is one thing, but finding it can be complicated. How can you pinpoint the leak?

It’s Time to Investigate

First, get a powerful flashlight to search your attic.

Navigating an attic can be a dangerous job if there are no floorboards. Make sure you only step on the wood joists, not the insulation. You might put your foot directly through the ceiling of the room below.

What Are You Looking For?

Examine every area of the attic systematically, from the eaves to the roof’s ridge. A roof leak typically will start higher up the roof, then trickle down. Plenty of objects could divert the water on the way down, so where you see droplets may not be exactly where the roof is leaking.

Look for areas of wood that are darker. Also be on the lookout for mold — that’s a sure sign of constant moisture. Soggy insulation is another clue you’re getting closer.

Testing for Roof Leaks

If the weather has been dry, it makes it more difficult to spot a roof leak. You can fix this by spraying water on your roof with a hose. Once you’ve soaked the roof thoroughly, go back into the attic and look for moisture, then follow it to its highest entry point. This will help you pinpoint the location.

Having Trouble?

Even the most experienced roofing contractors have trouble finding difficult roof leaks sometimes. If you can’t seem to figure out where the water is coming from, don’t hesitate to call an expert. Either way, you’ll need professional help to repair the problem, so it may be safer, faster and more effective to depend on an experienced contractor from the get-go.

A Roof Leak Needs a Fast Fix

That roof leak may not look intimidating at all right now, but don’t be fooled. Putting off roof repairs can result in severe consequences, including house-wide structural damage, stained, crumbling drywall, serious mold issues (and the health problems that go with it) and more. A bucket underneath the drip isn’t going to cut it.

Call the Roof Doctor when you have a roof leak. We treat this problem with the urgency it deserves. We will come to your home, find the source of the damage, identify the cause and execute effective repairs. We will also make sure the collateral damage, such as soggy insulation and moldy shingles, is remedied. Contact us today — we’re here for you.

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