Roof Installation

Flat roofs offer multiple architectural and financial benefits for Utah property owners. When analyzing your roofing needs and the options available for one of the most valuable property improvements you can initiate – a roof replacement – consider how the advantages flat roofs offer can make a positive difference for your Utah property.

What Are the Benefits of Flat Roofs?

First of all, flat roofs provide easy access for maintenance and inspection. It is safe for both property owners and professionals alike to climb atop the surface to locate and repair damage before it worsens. This accessibility feature helps property owners keep the roof in ideal functioning condition.

Second, this type of roof is easily and quickly installed, since fewer materials are required. In most cases, this means these roofs are less expensive than sloped ones, due to lower costs for both supply and labor. The roofing contractor does not have to charge more for safety concerns, as they might for a steeply sloped roof project.

Third, flat roofs are known for their durability. They are not subject to high winds like their sloped roof counterparts. Depending on the roofing system and membrane, the product may last for up to three decades with routine maintenance and repairs. This saves the property owner further costs on the frequency of roof replacements.

Residential and Commercial Membrane Roofing in Utah

Membrane roofing systems are a common solution for commercial buildings with flat or slightly sloped roofs. Membrane roofs are seamless or have been engineered to have extremely strong seams that are completely waterproof. They are lighter than traditional roofing materials and they resist the expansion and contraction that most roofs experience, making a very reliable end result.

Flat roofs in Utah residences become more common by the day, due to modern housing construction styles. The more secure the membrane, the more protected the home’s interior from ice, snow and rain. However, it is vital for Utah homeowners to trust professionals who pay attention to the architectural detail as well as the integrity of the roof itself.

Choose a GAF Master Commercial Contractor

Specifically awarded for commercial roofing excellence, the GAF Master designation tells you that a contractor has the knowledge and experience to install a flat membrane roof the right way.

GAF, a manufacturer of membrane roofing and other roofing systems, is very selective about which companies are worthy to be called Master Contractors, and The Roof Doctor is proud to be in this elite group. We stand by our work, and should any problems arise with a membrane roof we have installed, our warranty will cover most repairs.

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