Roof Tear-Off

When you get a new roof, it’s better to tear off the old roof rather than put new shingles over old. Our customers in the Salt Lake City area choose our roof replacement company because we do the job right.

You need a new roof, but should you tear off the existing one first or put the new shingles right over the old ones?

A lot of people think they want to just cover up the problem because it’s cheaper, faster and looks just as good. Unfortunately, that’s almost always a mistake. It might save you money in the very short run, but it’s simply not as good as tearing off the old roof first.

Think of it like a manicure. Yes, you can technically paint over an old manicure with a new color, but you’ll miss out on the nail prepping, buffering, top coat, cuticle nudging and oiling, and it’s very likely you’ll see the grow-out from the old polish underneath.

Comparing Roof Tear-Off Prices in Utah

There’s only one benefit to “shingling over” instead of tearing off: It’s cheaper. However, remember that you really get what you pay for with roofing. This isn’t the place in your home to cut corners. You can save money without skipping steps.

The Roof Doctor specializes in providing competitive pricing with a fast turnaround. When you rely on the best in experience and knowledge, you know you’re getting a quality roof.

Yes, a tear off will add to the cost of a new roof, but it’s worth it. It results in a higher quality installation and not having the weight of two roofs over your head. That’s a lot for any property to handle.

Tear-Offs Help You Discover Problems Early

There’s no telling what issues might be hiding deep in the recesses of your old roof. Some problems, like rot or black mold, are only found during the tear off process. Don’t just cover up the problem. You and your property deserve a newly installed roof with the best foundation possible.

If your roof needs to be replaced, take care of it before problems become worse. They’ll likely grow, fester and end up costing you several thousand dollars more than a tear off and new roof installation would have.

When it comes to roof repairs, do it right. It’s easy with The Roof Doctor on your side!