Snow Removal

We get lots of snow here in northern Utah, and when it piles up on your roof, it can be a hazard. It’s not safe for you to try to get the snow off your roof — call The Roof Doctor instead.

When the snowdrifts start piling up, contact the Roof Doctor for professional snow-removal services.

The hours you would spend clearing snow are better spent somewhere else, like relaxing by the fire or running your business. Don’t let the winter months create headaches for you — use our snow-removal services.

Utah Snow Removal Service

Why Trust a Professional for Snow Removal?

We have the equipment to get the job done fast and effectively. With our machinery and our skilled team manning the controls, your driveway and sidewalk are clean in no time. Our pros move quickly to clear away the precipitation pileup.

The Roof Doctor knows snow doesn’t always arrive between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We work before and after hours to make sure your home and business are cleared of snow. We are true professionals who stay on the job until it’s done.

Driveways, Walkways, Parking Lots … and Your Roof!

Clearing snow is important for walkways and driveways, but it’s vital for your roof too! Utah is known for its heavy snow loads, and sometimes storms dump so much that it can affect a building’s structural integrity.

When snow loads become too great for your roof to safely handle, the Roof Doctor can quickly remedy the problem. It’s best to have a roofing expert on the job — that way you know your roof won’t be damaged in the snow-clearing process.

What Utah Home and Business Owners Need to Know About Snow Removal

Remember, snow isn’t just an inconvenience. It also creates the potential for liability.

When a guest slips on your front walk, you’re responsible for their injuries. When a customer skids on the ice while leaving your parking lot and causes an accident, you’re ultimately at fault.

With professional snow-removal services, you’re reducing worry and increasing peace of mind. When you’ve done everything in your power to prevent injury, you have less risk of a lawsuit.

Wake Up to No Delays with Snow Removal

The next time you get a weather alert, don’t cringe — just call the snow-removal experts at the Roof Doctor! You won’t need to be late to work or delay opening for the day. You’ll be prepared for whatever this Utah winter has to throw at you with our team on your side.

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Are you ready to make the investment to never shovel again? Call the Roof Doctor today for a free estimate for professional snow-removal services, and we will take over from there.