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Whether you need residential roofing repair or replacement, The Roof Doctor is the company to call. We fix and install roofs with shingles, tiles, slate, wood or metal — we do it all.

The Roof Doctor specializes in residential roofing, no matter what the materials, conditions or dreams of the homeowners.

The Roof Doctor specializes in residential roofing, no matter what the materials, conditions or dreams of the homeowners.

From shingles to copper and everything in between, knowing you have a quality roof over your head is key to having your own home, sweet home.

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Residential Roofing Costs in Utah

Most homeowners know that replacing a roof is one of the most expensive home maintenance costs they may ever face. However, it’s a reality for the vast majority of homeowners at some point. Most roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years, but that’s assuming no major storms and providing regular maintenance and repairs.

The reality? Many homeowners only have a few good years left in their roof.

The cost of a new roof can even surpass the cost of a new car. Don’t worry. The Roof Doctor is here to save the day, dedicated to combining only the best materials with the best installation, all at a cost that works with your budget. Plus, The Roof Doctor works quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need fast repairs after a hail storm or it’s finally time to replace your roof and you want to consider the options, depend on The Roof Doctor to be your ally.


Signs You Need a New Roof

Although roofs last approximately 20 years, each roof is different. Therefore, you need to watch for signs that the roof on your Salt Lake City area home may need replacing. These include:

  • Age — Is your roof more than 20 years old? It’s living on borrowed time. Call our residential roof contractors for an inspection. We’ll see what shape your roof is in and how much time it has left.
  • Curled, cracked or missing shingles — Shingles that are old do not protect your roof as well as they used to. Signs of age include shingles that curl, crack and shed granules. Take a pair of binoculars and examine your shingles to see if you notice these signs that you need a new roof.
  • Leaks — Leaks are an obvious problem, but you don’t always notice them right away. Go into your attic and check for areas where insulation is wet or black with mold. These are signs of roof leaks and an indication you need professional roofing services.
  • Critter damage — Have squirrels or raccoons moved into your attic? You may have had a professional evict them, but they might have already done damage. If it’s just a little, you may get away with roof repairs, but it may be time for a whole new roof.

Roofing Material Options for Everyone

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing option for a reason, and The Roof Doctor offers a wide variety of materials, sizes and designs to suit your needs and style.

However, we offer other options as well, for homeowners who want something a little different. Every roofing material has pros and cons, which is why The Roof Doctor specialists are experts in all things roofing. We work with homeowners to select the perfect roof for you and your home.

Not quite ready for a new roof, but you know repairs are in order? Simply want to get an annual maintenance check to make sure everything’s on the up and up? That’s the kind of preventative care The Roof Doctor always encourages. The sooner a problem is caught, the sooner it can be fixed—and the less expensive it will be.

All parts of the home need regular TLC, and the roof can take a serious beating. From loose shingles to minor leaks, don’t wait until a little problem becomes a major one. Your home is your haven, and The Roof Doctor is proud to be your go-to source for all things roof related.


The easiest residential roofing replacement jobs take about a day. Many others take two days, but if the weather turns bad in the Salt Lake City area for any length of time, the roof installation job could take a week or more to finish. It’s important that the existing roof be dry so the roofers don’t slip off — rain and snow are dangerous for roofing contractors. If we need to take more than a day to install your roof, we’ll cover it with a tarp to keep it safe and dry.

Icicles are an indication your roof may have ice dams. Ice dams form when warm air in the attic causes the snow on the roof to become soft and slide down toward the gutters. It then refreezes in the gutters, preventing them from doing their job of carrying water and melting snow away from your home. Thus, the water backs up behind the ice dam and may leak into your home. Even if you see no evidence of leaking, your roof can get mold or mildew damage from the water. The way to prevent ice damming on your roof is to properly insulate your attic so heat does not escape from the living space in your home. If you see icicles hanging from your roof, call us for residential roof repairs.

If you have it removed quickly, algae should not do any damage. Algae tends to grow on roofs that are heavily shaded and remain wet for longer periods of time, promoting rot. If algae has caused your roof to decay, call us for quality roofing services.

While asphalt is the most popular choice for a new roof due to its low cost and durability, at our roofing company we also offer shakes, tile and metal roofing. All these options generally last longer than asphalt, are considered more attractive and come with a slightly higher price tag. These alternatives to asphalt, however, will boost your home value and you will likely be able to recoup a portion of your investment when you sell your home. When you want more choices, work with the new roof installers with a reputation for quality roofing services: The Roof Doctor.