Should You Repair Roof Wind Damage on Your Own?

Wind Damage Roof: Should You Repair on Your Own?


Living close to the mountains can mean windy days that might even lead to roof wind damage, but are you prepared for it?

In Utah, we might find our houses and roofs have to hold up against various types of weather elements. From snow and ice in the winter to dry heat in the summer and high winds all year round, it’s safe to say that our roofs can take a beating from the unique weather conditions we have. Since wind is something we see all the time, you might wonder if you should worry about wind damage on your roof and if you can fix it yourself, so keep reading to learn more. 

Signs of Roof Wind Damage 

Although we may not have crazy high winds all the time, Northern Utah is still susceptible to wind storms and thunderstorms with high winds, so it’s essential to note that roof wind damage is not all that uncommon. Let’s quickly go over what wind damage might look like to the eye.

For this article, we’ll focus on what wind damage looks like on a traditional asphalt roof, as that is most common for more homes in Northern Utah. Here are a few indications that your roof has sustained damage from the wind: 

  • Granule loss
  • Missing shingles 
  • Lifting shingles (curling up or peeling at the edges) 
  • Damaged soffit or fascia 
  • Loose or missing flashing around the chimney
  • And of course, leaks

If you notice any of the above signs, you’re going to need a repair, and quick! But you might ask if you can repair the roof yourself. Well, it depends on several factors, so let’s take a look. 

Can I Repair a Wind Damaged Roof Myself?

The answer is both yes and no. For minor repairs, it’s safe to say that you can do it if you feel comfortable. Minor repairs might be something like a singular missing shingle, but the rest of the roof is in good shape. Doing a simple shingle repair is easy enough for most handy homeowners. However, if you notice a problem with your soffit, fascia, chimney or are seeing any signs of a leaking roof, it’s best to call in the professionals

Contact The Roof Doctor for Roof Repairs

If you notice any signs of roof wind damage or want to be safe, give us a call! We have inspection, repair, and roof replacement services that are sure to get your roof in shape once more. We serve homes throughout Northern Utah in areas like Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Provo. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!

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