Can Your Spring Landscaping Decisions Affect Your Roof?

Spring Landscaping and Roofing

The health of your roof is probably one of the last topics on your mind when you’re thinking about your spring landscaping plans.

Spring Landscaping and Roofing

When spring arrives, you are probably focused on dead branches, grass and leaves. You can’t wait to get your hands dirty, pruning and tearing up the old, then taking a trip to the greenhouse. You have a long to-do list, including planting, new mulch, coordinating flower colors for your walkway …

But what about your roof?

Though it may surprise you, some of the actions you take, or fail to take with your spring landscaping, can have serious implications for your roof’s longevity.

Have you thought about how these spring landscaping plans could harm or help one of the most important exterior areas of your home?

Do Trees Pose a Direct Threat?

Take a closer look at the trees surrounding your home. Are any failing to sprout leaves when they should? Are any leaning heavily to one side? Is there fungus or disease infecting the roots, trunk or branches?

Dead or dying trees, or trees with dead or dying branches, pose a direct threat to your home. In high winds, a tree branch could fall and damage your shingles or penetrate your roof deck, opening a hole to the attic. A tree falling on your home could do much more serious damage.

Talk to a roofer or an arborist about the health of your nearby trees and schedule a prompt pruning of deadwood near your home’s roof.

Are You Giving Animals Access?

Even when tree branches aren’t dead, when they grow toward your roof, they form a bridge for small animals like rodents. A mouse infestation can start in your gutters, spread to your chimney and then to your attic.

Animals also can tear up your shingles and create problems. When it’s in your power, don’t let animals onto your roof easily. You can avoid these issues by getting your tree branches trimmed right away.

Are You Considering Planting New Vegetation?

Maybe you don’t have any trees near your home, but you’re considering planting one or two for shade and added property value. Before you do so, consider how the root growth could affect your home’s foundation and how branch growth could affect your roof.

A shifting foundation can cause your roof to shift as well, and growing branches could cause damage your roof. Plant new trees farther away from your home to prevent these issues.

Take Any Roof Damage Seriously — Call for Help Now

As you’re preparing your yard to look beautiful for the spring and summer, look for roof damage. Whether the issue is minor or major, it’s vital to call a trusted roofing contractor immediately to take care of the problem and give your roof a tuneup after a long winter season.

Get in touch with the Roof Doctor today and schedule an appointment for a roof inspection as you’re beginning your spring landscaping projects — you can rely on our experienced team for advice.

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