Common Roof Pests

Roof Pests

Often, roof repairs are required because homeowners have squatters and unwelcome guests. Pests, from insect infestations to a bird that has taken a fancy to your home, can cause seriousRoof Pests damage. Not all pests are easy to spot, although the “lucky” homeowners who have a woodpecker as a squatter usually know right away who the troublemaker is. Many times, only a professional can spot the telltale signs of a pest during a routine inspection and maintenance check. The good news is that, when caught early, many pests and infestations can be driven away by natural means.

Are you unknowingly playing host to one of these common pests? The type of pests you may encounter will depend on where you live, the season and the type of material your roof is made of. However, these are some of the most common in the Utah area:

1. Birds

Particularly in the spring, roofs can prove tempting to a variety of birds looking to nest for the warmer months. Unfortunately, the creation of a nest combined with bird droppings (which are very acidic) can create serious trouble spots on a roof. Nests can be easily removed by a professional, and sometimes the crevices of a roof that a bird finds appealing may be filled to prevent future squatters.

2. Raccoons

These night crawlers might find your roof a great vantage point for hunting and checking out the neighborhood goods (like trash cans). However, they can also be somewhat heavy and if they eat on your roof, too, the debris can cause damage. Homeowners may need to set a humane trap, or perhaps hire an arborist to trim a tree that’s allowing their easy roof access.

3. Insect infestations

There are a number of wood-loving insects that might find roofs an endless buffet for the taking. Handling an insect infestation is much easier and cost effective when it is caught early. There are many ways to potentially handle the situation, but it should only be approached by a professional. There are also roof treatments that can help prevent future infestations—also a wise investment.

4. Wasp nests

Wasp and yellow jacket nests post an immediate threat to the homeowners and any guests, particularly if anyone is allergic. These nests are somewhat easy to spot, but not always. While the nests themselves aren’t overtly hazardous to the roof, these guests are certainly dangerous to inhabitants. Call a professional to have these nests removed.

A healthy roof needs to be cleaned and cleared regularly. Unfortunately, as the weather warms up, homeowners in Utah are seeing more and more pests and it is important to take action sooner rather than later.

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