Do You Have a Discolored Roof?

Do You Have a Discolored Roof

A discolored roof can ruin even the most beautiful curb appeal. Dark streaks, green growth, orange stains — it’s not appealing to the eye.

Discolored Roof

Thankfully, not every discolored roof is a failing roof. Most of the time, it just means some cleaning and preventive measures must be taken.

What are some of the common causes of a discolored roof, and which one is working against you?

Algae and Plant Debris Can Stain

One of the predominant reasons you see black or green streaks on your shingles is because of algae growth. Algae thrives in moisture-filled environments away from direct sunlight. So if the angle of your roof is in the shade, this is a common problem that may develop.

Algae feeds off the limestone filler that’s manufactured in the asphalt shingles. While advances are being made to prevent algae growth such as adding copper to the shingles, the effect of this effort wears off as time goes by.

Another issue that may cause roof staining is a tree branch is positioned right above the roof, dropping leaves or berries onto the shingles and providing shade where moss may grow. The simplest measure is to trim back the branches so your roof gets more direct sunlight and plant debris is less of an issue.

Chimney Soot Can Build Up

If black streaks surround or lead down the roof from the chimney, it’s probably excess soot that has washed away and stained the shingles.

Rust — Not a Good Look

Rust can bleed from chimneys or metal vents, creating a stain that ranges in color from dark red to bright orange.

Water Stains Signal Something More

Sometimes the staining on your roof makes your shingles look darker than they are. This may not be a stain at all, but a sign of water damage. Whenever shingles are constantly damp, it’s vital to investigate the cause.

General Aging Is Unavoidable

As shingles age, their granules begin to wear off. This will make a previously dark-shingled roof begin to look lighter. When shingles start to look patchy, check the gutters for granule loss and talk to a roofing professional about whether it’s time for a roof replacement.

Can You Remove Stains?

Professional shingle cleaning is a possibility, but you should start by having your roofer check stained shingles for more serious issues. A discolored roof may be telling you something about its quality and condition, and you don’t want to miss the signs! Talk to the Roof Doctor today — we can come to your home and do a free assessment of your roof.

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